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Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing (PgDip, PgCert)

Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing is a postgraduate qualification through which students are afforded a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of the application of smart technologies to industrial tools and processes.

Students will examine the impact of such technologies on industry and the implications of this upon the future of the sector.


Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing (PG Dip)
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Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing (PG Cert)
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Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing (PG Mod)
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Why choose this course?

The Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing pathways are designed for professionals and experienced industry leaders who understand the challenges faced by modern manufacturers and wish to explore new technologies to improve their team and tools.

Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing could provide the necessary insight for your organisation to embrace the increasingly digitally-dependant future of industry.

With most of the course being delivered remotely through our virtual learning portal, you can continue to work throughout your studies, experiencing lectures and course material online while applying your new knowledge in real-time to your current role.

What you will learn

Course Overview

The Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing pathways are designed to provide an insight into trends in modern industrial practice. As part of the course students are afforded the opportunity to gain knowledge of the use of innovative solutions to ensure sustainability and efficiency in an increasingly digitally-dominated sector.

We work closely with the sector to ensure that we maintain currency in our teaching practice and meet the continually changing landscape of industry.

Module Topics

PG-Mod (40 Credits)

  • Introduction to Industry 4
  • Advanced Industry 4

PG-Cert (60 Credits)

  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Advanced Industry 4.0
  • Research Methods and Professional Development

Any of the 6 taught modules may be chosen for completion of the PGCert

PG-Dip (120 Credits)

  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Introduction to Innovation
  • Advanced Industry 4.0
  • Design for Industry 4.0
  • Research Methods and Professional Development
  • Financial Management and Planning

Assessment for this course is reflective of practices within the sector ranging from the production of technical reports to the delivery of key ideas through presentation.

Assessment types have been carefully selected to support the abilities of all learners and provide practice of real-world tasks required within industrial roles.

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Key Information

  • Graham Howe
Entry Criteria
  • Must hold a Level 3 qualification
  • Must have current role in Industry
Career Opportunities

Our students currently fulfil roles within Industry and are looking to undertake the necessary training and education? to add to their skills to support career progression within their current roles whilst preparing for future sector demands.

Additional Costs

It is possible to complete this programme of study without any additional costs.

Students may wish to purchase materials for modules such as Major Project but this is not a requirement and will have no bearing on the final grade achieved. 

Student Quotes

 Mark Thomas, Plant Manager, Energizer UK

“These courses will introduce people to new subjects, all relating to Industry 4.0 technologies. This will enable participants from across Wales to develop the skills that are increasingly important to the growth, innovation and resilience of businesses. It is important that people have continued opportunities to learn, and this excellent initiative, led by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, bringing together an industry-led curriculum and blended online learning makes it easy for anyone to access” 

Bursary / Scholarship Information

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Further Information

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