Academy of Sinology launched between the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Foundation


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation has this week launched a joint Academy of Sinology which will see the development of a range of postgraduate programmes and cultural events on the University’s Lampeter campus.  

The launch was part of the first International Interfaith Symposium for Harmony and World Peace, during which Professor Medwin Hughes, DL, Vice-Chancellor and the Venerable Master Chin Kung signed an agreement to establish the Academy of Sinology (the study of ancient China through ancient Chinese religions, texts, language and history). The Academy, whose mission is to “open the path to peace”, will also offer postgraduate scholarships for the study of masters’ programmes in Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Sinology and will organise a number of annual international conferences on the theme of ‘One Humanity, Many Faiths’.

In addition, Professor Hughes and the Venerable Master also signed a declaration for Harmony and World Peace which states:

  1. We believe in the 'sanctity' of the world and of active trusteeship to secure a sustainable future.
  2. We value the sense of the 'sacred' in all that surrounds us.
  3. We commend the beauty of 'holiness'.
  4. We believe in the common bonds of 'faith'.
  5. We value a common wisdom of the heart which draws us together in a spirit of tolerance, understanding and forgiveness.
  6. We respect the integrity of faith traditions
  7. We unite to further sustainable cultures of peace and justice
  8. We respect common values which speak of a timeless universal wisdom, sincerity and compassion.
  9. We believe in promoting the integrity of all traditions celebrating cultural and spiritual diversity.
  10. We believe in the value of open, inclusive dialogue which fosters global harmony and peace. 

Professor Medwin Hughes said “The declaration of harmony and peace is a powerful statement of intent that cements the relationship between the Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation and the University and is very much in accord with the philosophy of our Royal Patron, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.  The declaration illustrates the aims of the Strategic Agreement that we have signed with the Foundation which is very much grounded in the tradition of the University’s Lampeter campus as a multi-faith and multi-cultural centre, rooted in Wales but looking out across the world” said Professor Medwin Hughes, DL, Vice-Chancellor. “We are very grateful to the Venerable Master for his generosity in enabling us to develop the academic work of the University in this way.”

The Venerable Master Chin Kung said “Today is a very rare opportunity to gather here in Lampeter.  But why are we here?  Last year I had the opportunity to meet with the Vice-Chancellor and speak about preserving the four ancient civilizations of the world.  The Chinese civilization is at the edge of being extinct if we do not preserve it. This ancient civilization exists in four complete volumes and if nobody can understand them they will be without value; worthless.  The only way to preserve them is to train teachers who will be able to read these ancient texts and preserve their Chinese wisdom.
‌“Sinology teaches us true wisdom; complied over a thousand years ago, but still valid in today’s world. What we are doing here is a very big thing; we are preserving a culture and wisdom for the whole world and the whole world will benefit from the teaching of harmony and happiness.

“Through the teachings of these texts we can all live happy lives.  We can build a stable society, strong and prosperous countries and peace between all countries. 

“Lampeter is an ideal place – it is a lovely town and an ideal place to study”.

The launch of the Academy of Sinology was a part of a range of activities which celebrated the new partnership between the University and the Chin King Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation. Over the week the Foundation hosted ceremonies, lectures and seminars for two days that expressed their particular Buddhist and Chinese beliefs and values.  Events included the first Buddhist Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony to be held in Wales. 

During the University’s Graduation Ceremony in Lampeter, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales presented the Venerable Master with an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa).

The Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation is a Hong Kong based organisation, established by Master Chin Kung, a Buddhist monk whose core belief is that all religions share a common, universal element of shared values, toleration, compassion and a respect for the views and beliefs of others. These values reinforce Lampeter’s long history as a world centre for multi-faith and multi-cultural study, and will build upon the Faculty’s existing provision in the field of Chinese Studies, the study of Ancient Civilisations and home to Wales’ first Confucius Institute.

Further Information

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