Press Releases 2016

UWTSD staff to run Swansea Half Marathon in memory of former colleague Owen Lewis


UWTSD staff will run the Swansea Half Marathon on Sunday, June 26, in memory of a former colleague Owen Lewis.

Andrew Thomas (Sports Management), Rebecca Speakman (Faculty Office Swansea), Ben Duxbury (Health Portfolio), Chris Thomas (Business Management), Nina Patton (Faculty Business and Management), Suzanne Wells (Tourism, Events & Hospitality), Beth Cummings (Marketing Management), Antje Cockrill (MBA), Sandra Dettmer (Swansea Business School), Sian Davies (Faculty Office Carmarthen) and Alison Connaughton (Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle), will join 8,000 athletes competing in the event.


Sports Management Lecturer Andrew Thomas, who has completed several half marathons and 10k events over the years, said: "A former colleague Owen Lewis recently passed away due to ill health so it was also a good opportunity for the faculty to pay their respects and to run in his memory. Owen completed several distance running events while at the University and had run for Wales in his earlier years. Owen was a Senior Lecturer in Accounts and Finance at the University and he taught on the MBA programme. Historically he had worked in the private sector for the local authority and a health board within the region."

Beth Cummings lecturer in Marketing Management and Sports Marketing said : "Running in such a prestigious event will also enable us to increase brand awareness across the region. We are constantly engaging with a number of high profile organisations and key industry sectors which help enhance our community and business engagement strategy."

The event has also allowed several members of the team to return to active participation where they have made a significant change over the last 3 months which links to Sport Wales ‘Hooked on Sport’ strategy. In Carmarthen colleagues have worked alongside students studying personal training which helped link their academic study to practical planning for participants entering a half marathon.

Sian Davies Faculty Administrator said: "It was a good opportunity for personal training students to share their knowledge and help some members of the faculty team prepare for a monumental challenge."

Staff have branded UWTSD jerseys for the Swansea Half Marathon thanks to Faculty Marketing Officer Jamie Tavender. The Swansea Half Marathon is the second high profile event entered by staff in the past few weeks.

On Sunday, June 5, staff and students took part in the augural Swansea Triathlon, which was sponsored by UWTSD. Chris Thomas a lecturer in Business and Management will be completing the Swansea Half in addition to his successful completion of the Swansea Triathlon. Chris only returned to physical activity recently and the training for both events resulted in him losing nearly 3 stone. Chris said "I’m feeling great and it will be a fantastic experience to run in a former colleague’s memory."