Carmarthenshire St David’s banner designed by UWTSD student


The county banner which was on display at the St David’s Welsh Week events in Carmarthen this week was designed by Eirian Davies from Whitland, who’s currently studying an MA in Fine Art at UWTSD. 

Baner Gwyn Dewi

The original idea to create a special banner for every county was conceived by Gwenno Dafydd. Her vision was of hand-made banners the size of the coal mining lodge banners, based on the words and images of the Saint David’s Day Anthem, Cenwech y Clychau i Dewi (Ring out the Bells for Saint David; Lyrics: Gwenno Dafydd. Music: Heulwen Thomas), and elements of local county history. The aim is to see each banner being paraded every Saint David’s Day in their respective local communities.  The first of these banners was the Pembrokeshire Banner, which is on permanent display in the East Cloister, Saint David’s Cathedral.

In 2015 Gwenno Dafydd contacted Gwenllian Beynon, Programme director for the Undergraduate Art and Design and Art Practice provision at UWTSD, to seek help and support with the process of creating a special banner for Carmarthenshire.  Student Eirian Davies was given the task of designing the county’s banner.

The banner itself represents many aspects of the county with the stones representing Carmarthenshire’s castles and bridges and the gold representing Dolaucothi Gold Mines.  The colour black represents the Black Book of Carmarthen and the coal industry in the east of the county.  The banner also includes coracles and the Myrddin Oak tree.

Eirian Davies, a second year MA Fine Art student at Swansea College of Art UWTSD said:

 “Having the opportunity to design the county banner has been a fantastic experience from start to finish.  I’m extremely grateful for all the support I’ve had along the way especially to Gwen Beynon and Gwenno Dafydd and everybody else who has been involved with the work of creating the banner.

I attempted to include as many symbols from the county as I could as I wanted it to represent everybody in Carmarthenshire.  It’s been a pleasure to see the banner on display at various events throughout the week.”

Gwenllian Beynon, Programme director for the Undergraduate Art and Design and Art Practice provision at UWTSD added: 

“I’m extremely proud of Eirian’s work.  About two years ago I was contacted by Gwenno Dafydd asking for support to create a St David’s parade banner for the county of Carmarthenshire.  I asked Eirian if he was interested in the work and he jumped at the chance. 

Eirian is now in his second year studying an MA in Fine Art at UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art and is considered a very talented individual by his peers.  

It’s been wonderful to see the banner on display this week – it really does catch the eye.  I’m looking forward to seeing the banner lead the annual parade here in Carmarthen.  The whole process has been fantastic and we now hope to start looking at creating a banner for Swansea.”

Further Information

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