Abhiyaan champions international students at UWTSD


UWTSD’s International Officer, Abhiyaan Malhotra, achieved a 2:1 in his BSc Health and Social Care.

Abhiyaan and family

When Abhiyaan came to UWTSD, it was the support of the Students’ Union that helped him to build a life in South Wales. With their encouragement, not only has he succeeded in his studies, he has also been elected International Officer and Faculty Representative.

Abhiyaan said: “The Students’ Union have been really helpful and went out of their way to get me engaged in the university. I’m used to being away from home, having spent three years in university in Lithuania, but the Students’ Union really went out of their way to make sure that I had support networks around me.

“I was Vice-President for Erasmus students in my previous Students’ Union in Lithuania so I already had that experience. I’ve faced similar struggles so I know how it feels to be away from home, and to be in a new, unfamiliar place. I enjoy getting involved with students, helping them out, organising cultural trips for them to feel more at home. There’s such a variety here as well – students from China, Malaysia, the USA, and Canada. It was really nice interacting with them.”

Trinity Saint David Student Union Group President Rob Simkins said: "Abhiyaan has been an active and involved student with the Students' Union since he joined us. He was elected our International Students’ Officer in Swansea and quickly set about working hard outside of his academic studies to improve the experiences of his peers, attending events up and down the UK on behalf of the Students' Union to develop our relations with our International students.

"He’s been absolutely fantastic and we are looking forward to continuing work with him as an Officer and Faculty Rep over the next year too!"

Abhiyaan will be coming back to start a Master’s degree in Applied Social and Health Psychology at the university’s SA1 Swansea Waterfront development and hopes to work for the NHS in the future. He said: “I was the only international student on the course, but the academic tutors and the programme directors made it feel homely and our class felt like a family even though I joined in in the final year. I made really good friendships and connections that will be cherished throughout my life. This university just feels the right place for me to develop further as a person and my skills to stand out while facing the real world challenges. I would as well like to thank the university to help me contribute to make a better Wales.”

Through his involvement with the Students’ Union, Abhiyaan has learned to love rugby. He said: “In the last few months, I got involved with sports teams like Touch Rugby. The Challenge Cup event was really great, I enjoyed it. I’d never played rugby before so it was really great fun.”

Abhiyaan intends to spend the summer volunteering with the NHS and spending some time with his parents, who have travelled from Mumbai to come and see him graduate. He is returning to his studies and to another year as Vice-President for International Students and as Faculty Representative. He said: “International students should know what their course is, how much it will cost, and what is expected of them. I had a period of uncertainty but that was fine, I’m used to it. Some international students are a lot more alone than me and I’m looking forward to continuing to campaign for their rights.”

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