Guillermo chose Wales as his destination for his teacher training


After a career working in the public law courts in Spain, Guillermo is used to commanding the attention of the room. He is now looking forward to using those skills to teach modern foreign languages to children in Wales.

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Guillermo spent three years working with a public prosecutor in his native Barcelona. Then one day, a surprising opportunity gave him the chance to teach English in a local Secondary school. He jumped at the chance and it opened up a whole new career for him. Guillermo said: “I loved that job. I discovered how much I enjoyed being a teacher and working with young people – sharing experiences, mentoring. I discovered that I could build up relationships with them and in doing so, I was getting as much as I was giving.”

He is now looking forward to a career in which he can teach Spanish to teenagers in Wales. He said: “I wanted to teach languages because I think it is very powerful. It allows you to communicate, to travel and to discover new places and people. It opens your mind to other cultures and ways of doing things.”

Guillermo chose Wales as his destination for his teacher training. He said: “As a Spanish citizen from Barcelona, I can experience the benefits of learning a different language and I can set an example for my students. My best moment has been discovering how well Welsh students can compete with students in Catalan. The learning system is different but young people face the same problems and have the same dreams all around the world. I decided that I wanted to train to teach in Wales to give something back and I enjoy being able to share my knowledge.”

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