UWTSD Master's graduate celebrates success at Lampeter


UWTSD Integrated Masters in Classical Civilisation graduate Stephany Aymerich Diaz said her course had helped to inspire and develop her knowledge of the past and made her enthusiastic about the future.

“I was initially enrolled for an undergraduate course that combined the subjects of Ancient History and Anthropology, and it wasn’t until my 3rd year that I decided to change to an Integrated Masters’ programme. I have always enjoyed learning and reading about the past, this course allowed me to gain a better understanding of it and of its civilisations,” she said.

“I believe the four years that I spent doing my degree have helped to make me grow, both academically and as a person. Whilst doing my course I learned how to research, translate ancient languages and some modern ones, to ask questions, challenge myself and my peers, and many other skills. I also learned that the best results are sometimes not the ones we want or expect, and to be ambitious, to always learn more, even though the more knowledge we obtain, the less we actually know. “

"One of the best things about having done my degree here was that I got to have a say on the programme, I had the opportunity of choosing the subjects that interested me and to combine them in different ways. Additionally, the academics that we have available are excellent professionals, I cannot stress how important their expertise, approachability and overall support has helped me. I now have many transferable skills that will no doubt will benefit and be an asset in the future. “

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