Exhibition to showcase artists inspired by city to mark 50th anniversary celebrations


Swansea College of Art and Elysium Gallery are hosting an exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Swansea becoming a city and the role its artists have played during this time.

50Fifty showcases 50 artists who either studied or taught at Swansea College of Art from the last half century. Curated by two current students of Swansea College of Art, Alicia Hughes and Alice Oliver, 50Fifty was initially spread across three venues in Swansea's City Centre, all of which are hugely important to the Swansea Art scene.

The chosen artists and artworks explore the impact that Swansea has had on them, whether the artists were born and raised in Swansea, or moved to the city to be a part of Swansea College of Art. 50Fifty helped to celebrate this exciting mixture of artists who have been inspired by our city.

Alicia Hughes who is studying BA Photojournalism and Alice Oliver who's studying BA Photography in the Arts were awarded an internship from Swansea College of Art and Elysium Gallery to curate this special exhibition to celebrate Swansea's 50th Anniversary. Together they have carefully selected fifty artists who have either studied or taught at SCA in the past 50 years. Alumni from 1969 to 2019.

Alicia said: "I am grateful to have been offered this internship, it has been a great opportunity to broaden my skills. I feel privileged to work with Elysium Gallery & Jonathan Powell to curate an exhibition that celebrates the last 50 years of my University. Being able to bring all of these artists together is really nice, it's great to see how individual each piece is."

Alice said: "Being awarded this internship has been a great honour and I am extremely grateful to be able to celebrate SCA and Swansea as a city whilst working with Elysium Gallery. Curating 50Fifty, alongside Alicia, has taught me invaluable lessons and given me great experience of working beyond my degree."

Jonathan Powell, Director elysium gallery said: “I moved to Swansea in 2001 to study at SCA without a clue what I was going to do. Swansea has this wonderful chaotic nature of constantly changing, aspiring to be better with a can-do attitude. It is this that has contributed to what I think is the most vibrant arts community in Wales. I’m proud to be a part of it….and it is still evolving!”

Caroline Thraves, Swansea College of Art Academic Director, Art and Media said: "Swansea College of Art is proud to be celebrating 50 years of Swansea becoming a City. Our graduates are highly creative individuals who help to make Swansea the cultural and creative hotbed it is where grass roots art is thriving. The 50Fifty exhibition showcased the exceptional talents of 50 artists from 50 years of Swansea College of Art.”

Swansea College of Art Professor Emeritus Howard Riley who attended the opening of the exhibition said: "Swansea College of Art is the oldest in Wales (1853). The city is the youngest in Wales (1969). How fitting that an exhibition celebrating the city’s 50th anniversary should be curated by two of the College’s present students, Alice Oliver and Alicia Hughes. These two had the onerous task of selecting fifty participants working across the wide range of media representing fifty years of visual culture in the city: the 50fifty exhibition, 4-11 October 2019, on display in two venues: the College, and the Elysium gallery spaces facilitated by Jon Powell and his co-directors.

Alicia and Alice’s choices emphasised the work of recent graduates beginning to make their mark in the contemporary art world, leavened with examples from lecturers past and present. A visually-intriguing mix, evidence of the curators’ joint ‘eye’ for quality, their administrative skills, not to mention their capacity for patience and tactfulness!"

A display of photos on a plain white wall under a soft spotlight.

Paintings and ceramics on display in a white-walled gallery.

Note to Editor

Artists taking part in 50Fifty:

Siân Addicott | Jonathan Anderson | Elaine Artemieff | Derek Bainton | Ronald Bateman | Daniel Butler | Jason Cartwright | Philip Cheater | Katherine Clewlett | Chole Dacosta | Holly Davey | Lucy Donald | Hannah Downing | Paul Duerinckx | Alex Duncan | Mark Eley | Geraint Ross Evans | John Paul Evans | Jasmine Farling | Peter Finnemore | Harry Gammer Flitcroft | Hamish Gane | Jeremy Gluck | Konstantinos Grigoriadis | Stewart Hardie | Alicia Hughes | Ann Jordan | Tim Kelly | Bella Kerr | Rowan Lear | Catherine Lewis | Christian Lloyd | Danny McDonough | Arwel Micah | Ryan Moule | Ole Nesset | Robert Newell | Alice Oliver | Matthew Otten | Tom Pope | Jonathan Powell | Howard Riley | Phil Rogers | Mikko Takkunen | Daniel Trivedy | Kathryn Trussler | Casper White | Becky Williams | Dylan Williams | Fran Williams


Exhibition continues at the Elysium Gallery until 9th Nov.

Artists info:


Coal Globe (homage to Yves Klein)

Coal dust on plastic globe

Jonathan Anderson

Years at Swansea College of art: 2005 - 2007


Isolate Rather this Element

Archival Pigment Print

Paul Duerinckx

Years at Swansea College of art: 1999 - Current


Flash Gnome

Ceramic and Black Paint Medium

Eley Kishimoto

Years at Swansea College of art: 1984 - 1986


Snapshot 1969, (villagers waiting for Prince Charles,  whose on route to Swansea to officially make Swansea a City)


Peter Finnemore (collection of)

Years at Swansea College of art: 1999 - 2019


B is A

Vinyl Lettering direct to wall

Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

Years at Swansea College of art: 2012 - 2016


Varicella Zosters


Hamish Gane

Years at Swansea College of art: 1997 - Current


If only camping was always like this

Oil on MDF

Christian Lloyd

Years at Swansea College of art: Studies from 1984 to 1986, External Examiner 2017 - Current


Ingrid is a Hybrid

Chemically unfixed print

Ryan Moule

Years at Swansea College of art: 2006 - Current


Shedding Velvet

Silver Gelatine Print

Ole Nesset

Years at Swansea College of art: 2013 - 2016


Shake Holes: Upper Swansea Valley

Oil on Canvas

Robert Newell

Years at Swansea College of art: 1993 - 2014


Over the Edge, Into the Void

C-type print with Cyanotype

Tom Pope

Years at Swansea College of art: 2005 - 2008


Portrait of a Young Artist

Charcoal, pencil and collage on paper

Howard Riley

Years at Swansea College of art: 1991 - 2015




Phil Rogers

Years at Swansea College of art: 1970 - 1972


Sign of the Times - The Black Boy

Hanging Sign

Daniel Trivedy

Years at Swansea College of art: 2010 - 2013



Oil on stainless steel

Casper White

Years at Swansea College of art: 2009 - 2011

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