UWTSD launches creative collaboration with Swansea African Community Centre


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is launching a collaborative women’s art project with Swansea African Community Centre (SACC) on International Women’s Day (March 8).


CROWNING GLORY, the UWTSD and SACC headdress project and exhibition will be delivered by Swansea artist Mary Hayman and UWTSD surface pattern graduate Nyla Amjad.

CROWNING GLORY, the UWTSD and SACC headdress project and exhibition will be delivered by Swansea artist Mary Hayman and UWTSD surface pattern graduate Nyla Amjad. The exciting creative collaboration, funded by the UWTSD Widening Access Fund, will explore, celebrate and promote a blend of Welsh and African Art practices and cultural aesthetics based on the theme of hats and headdresses, culminating in a publicly accessible exhibition.

The project will comprise a series of hands-on, practical workshops in which participants will explore the aesthetics and significance of head coverings and hats. The aim is to explore, celebrate and promote a blend of Welsh and African Art practices and cultural aesthetics. 

The project, which will run from April to June, will be launched as part of the Swansea African Community Centre’s live stream International Women's Day event (March 8, 2021). 

The Project workshops will be delivered in a blended learning format with social distance measures in place. Packs containing information and art materials will be provided to all participants along with instructions to enable them to work at home or (government restrictions allowing) at socially distanced drop-in sessions. The workshops have been designed to ensure that participation will be just as easy, feasible and enjoyable for those who chose not to, or are unable to participate in face-to-face sessions.  

Jill Duarte, Director of the African Community Centre said: The ACC (African Community Centre) is delighted to be a part of this colourful and creative project. We look forward to seeing some wonderful headpieces and hosting the final exhibition. Join us and feel part of something very special.”

Caroline Thraves, Academic Director for Art and Media at Swansea College of Art (UWTSD) added: “This project demonstrates our commitment to Swansea as a City of Sanctuary whilst celebrating 10 years since Swansea first became a City of Sanctuary. Around the world, more people than ever in history are being forced to flee conflict and persecution to find safety and sanctuary elsewhere. At UWTSD we are proud to be a place of sanctuary for these individuals.”

Amanda Roberts, Senior Education Officer at UWTSD said: “This joyful and collaborative initiative aims to celebrate and promote women’s experiences and voices. Fostering wellbeing through fun practical activities delivered in informal and supportive creative spaces, the project offers us the opportunity to showcase and share the rich and exciting diversity of cultural and creative talent in Swansea.” 

Professor Mike Fernando Dean, Strategic Academic Planning UWTSD said: “UWTSD is excited to support this creative project, it underlines our commitment to the local community. The Swansea African Community Centre enriches the experience of the residents in Swansea and we are very pleased to work with them in this project.”

 For further information on the project, or if you would like to apply to participate please contact  Amanda.roberts@uwtsd.ac.uk  

Note to Editor


The African Community Centre (ACC) Wales aims to advance education amongst African, African Caribbean people and other ethnic minority services users, including those seeking asylum and those granted refugee status. It raises awareness about different ethnic groups to promote good relations between persons of different ethnic groups and improve the health and well-being of ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups by the provision of Arts, therapeutic and counselling services and other recreational activities regardless of and not limited to age, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, faith or other economic circumstances and in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010. 

The Grand Multicultural Hub, Singleton Street, Swansea SA1 3QJ   


UWTSD is a Widening Participation University –and is committed to a policy of widening access and attracting more diverse student groups, to facilitate opportunities to student groups, to facilitate opportunities to study. 




Mary Hayman is an associate artist with the Glynn Vivian art gallery, who enjoys being creative with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She relishes travelling and painting and has worked with people in the Caribbean, Ghana and India. Mary is looking forward to this project as a cultural celebration and adventure for all who take part.

NylahMAKNylahMAK is an Award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer/maker based in Swansea. She graduated with BAHons Surface Pattern design from UWTSD Swansea College of Art. Her work is a mix of cross-cultural motifs and hand-printed details. Nylah’s love for textured surfaces and detailed conversational patterns is evident in her designs. Trained in hand-printed textiles and Goldwork embroidery, her background in furnishing fabrics and traditional printing techniques, tangibly informs her art, exploring the relationship between patterns and cultures. As well as constantly developing her practice and creating prints, NylahMAK has worked across an array of projects.www.nylahmak.com


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