A Sports Therapy Mature Student sets up a triathlon coaching and sports therapy business after graduating with a First.


Gareth Jones from Swansea previously served with the British Army for a few years. After he finished his service, he returned to Swansea to live permanently and work as a personal trainer. He’s always been interested in sport related injuries, therefore he decided to study BSc Sports Therapy at UWTSD Carmarthen.

Gareth Jones.

Having previously worked as a personal trainer, Gareth was looking for something more challenging. “I wanted to learn in depth about how the human body responds to injury, and how we can repair injury through rehabilitation. I was that student who asked a lot of questions, and every answer filled me with even more certainty that this was the course and profession I wanted to do for the rest of my working life.”

Gareth decided to study at UWTSD Carmarthen for a number of reasons; it was close enough to commute from his home in Swansea where he lives with his wife and 4 children. When Gareth visited the campus for an open day, he felt he had never been made to feel so welcome, therefore he knew that it was the place for him to further his education and gain his professional qualifications. When the course was explained to him in detail by the course lecturers, it was exactly what Gareth was looking for to fulfil his future ambitions.

Gareth has enjoyed every aspect of the course and has learnt new skills that has challenged himself to reach a higher level. “If I were to pick a few elements of the degree, I would say the exercise physiology was intriguing, whilst the sports injury clinic set up by the university was a great experience and insight to life as a sports therapist.”

During his period as a student, Gareth has received support from the University that’s helped him develop academically. “When I arrived, I knew absolutely nothing about academic life, I am embarrassed to say I knew little about the use of computers or writing assignments. Everyone from the IT department, University staff, and course lecturers were there to help, the depth feedback was extremely helpful in moving from one year to the next, helping me to grow with confidence. I was a little different to my fellow students, being the only student with children, two of which are disabled with severe autism. The course lecturers were incredibly understanding of this and provided me with any help I required to achieve my goal of a first-class degree. My development is a compliment to the support and help I have received from the lectures and university staff, which has helped me to grow in confidence year by year”

Dylan Blain, Academic Director of Carmarthen Campus Institute of Management and Health said: “It has been wonderful to see Gareth develop both his academic and practical skills during his time with us in the Sport, Health and Outdoor Education portfolio at UWTSD. He has worked exceptionally hard throughout his time with us, and we are extremely proud of his and his peers’ achievements, especially given the challenges faced this year. As with many of his peers, he has benefited greatly from the range of opportunities made available by staff and we look forward to following him and all our graduates flourish in their future careers”

Gareth has managed to set up a triathlon coaching and sports therapy business in Swansea which includes 65 members, and approximately 200 regular patients seeking regular treatment at his injury clinic. The business has provided Gareth with financial stability, and the freedom to spend more quality time with his family. 

“I would like to thank the lectures for helping me achieve this, the skills and confidence provided by the modules has helped me achieve expert status in my field, helping my business grow fast. My future goals are to open 4 sports injury clinics, which I hope to achieve by the end of 2022, this would provide gold standard injury diagnosis and treatment to the local communities. I would advise anyone thinking of a career change to reach out and enquire to UWTSD, it has helped me achieve so much, and provided me with financial stability and a bright future.”

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