Artists in the ‘Blaguro’ project


Canolfan S4C Yr Egin is very pleased to announce the creative artists who will be part of the ‘Blaguro’ project.  

Artistiaid Blaguro

Underpinning the creative sector in south west Wales, Canolfan S4C Yr Egin on the campus of the University of Wales Trinity St David in Carmarthen inspires creativity and imagination and nurtures future talent.  

The project ‘Blaguro’, funded by the Arts Council of Wales, wants to establish a community garden on land at Yr Egin, with a view to combining the work of creative practitioners with community groups. The project was designed as a way of reconnecting with the communities of Carmarthen town and trying to be as inclusive as possible.

Following an open call to artists who live in the south west Wales region, seven artists have been chosen to be involved in the project, Betsan Haf, Rebecca Kelly, Mark Folds, Aled Owen, Dorothy Morris, Emma Baker, and Eddie Ladd. The seven were chosen after responding to the call by Yr Egin seeking applications from creative practitioners from any creative field and specialty who had experience or a desire to work in the community and outdoors.  Each of the artists will collaborate specifically with one community group.

These are all artists from the south west, and after a challenging year as a result of the impact of Covid 19 on the arts, it is an opportunity for them to be able to work on their home ground with local residents, and a great opportunity for them to get to know other artists, the area and the landscape.

The variety of skills and specialism held by all the artists makes the project accessible and appealing, and the finished work will attract visitors of all ages and backgrounds to Yr Egin.  

Llinos Jones, Project Engagement Officer at Canolfan S4C Yr Egin said “As the plans for our community garden on land at Yr Egin come together, we are very proud to be working with professional artists from the region. This will enhance the garden and give local people a special opportunity to engage with Yr Egin creatively and with high standards.  The past year has been very challenging for artists here in Wales, and we in Yr Egin are very glad to be able to offer artists an opportunity to work closely with nearby communities on creating and developing art.  All the ideas will come from the community and the artists, and we are extremely excited to be a part of this journey, and to be able to bring people together to work once again, and this in a safe and professional manner.”

Betsan Haf comes from Pontarddulais, and she will be responsible for working with the group Carmarthenshire 50+.  As the owner of the company 'Celf Calon', photography is Betsan’s main specialism, however she has professional standard skills in design, filming and editing, and musical composition and performance.  According to Betsan, "the distinctive thing about my creative work is that I have the ability to touch the soul and create memories to treasure, which can then germinate forever.”

Eddie Ladd is a familiar face to many in the arts world, and her role will be to collaborate with students of the University.  Over the last thirty years, Eddie has been involved with various theatre productions including staging performances in farmyards and fields.   

Aled Owen comes from the Gwendraeth Valley and is the owner of the renewable energy company ‘Ynni Da’.  According to Aled, “Ynni Da offers pupils of all ages a unique energy experience.” Aled will collaborate with the staff of Yr Egin in order to try and enable the garden to run on sustainable energy in the best possible way.

Emma Baker is an artist who lives and works in west Wales.  Emma will be responsible for collaborating with the community group Tŷ Hapus. Emma’s work has been inspired by the surroundings of her local area, and the landscapes here are the basis of her artistic practice.  According to Emma, "I’m looking forward to working with local community groups to explore outdoor noises from the past, the present and the future – local noises that stimulate memories of locations, spaces and time that interweave with people’s personal history.”

Rebecca Kelly comes from Aberarth, and she will be collaborating with the Gwneud Bywyd yn Haws group.  Rebecca is passionate about the land and nature, and the emotion of landscapes and the seasons echoes in her sculptures and installations.  Rebecca is passionate in her work and wishes to see a world where rural dwellers have the same access and engagement with the arts as city dwellers.  According to Rebecca: “My work exhibits a commitment to go in pursuit of this social change.  I thrive on making and placing work in remote and public locations.”

The artist Mark Folds comes from Newcastle Emlyn, and specialises in public sculpture.  Over the years he has been working across Britain and internationally on projects that collaborate and reflect various groups.  Mark will work with the young people of DrMz.

Another artist who has been appointed is the leader of Greenspace Gallery, Dorothy Morris.  As a community artist, she is well used to working with all sectors of society.  At present she works with carers, people with disabilities including mental health effects, and she is aware of the advantages of working as a team on a creative project that impacts individuals and the broader community.  

The artists and community groups are looking forward to collaborating, and the work will begin during the coming weeks.

The ‘Blaguro’ project is grateful for the support from Tyfu’r Dyfodol – Growing the Future that is a project of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, as well as from the Arts Council.  

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