First cohort of BA Design Crafts graduates showcase their talents


The first cohort of BA Design Crafts students have graduated from UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art and are showcasing their talents in a new exhibition.


The first BA Design Crafts cohort of students have graduated from UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art.

The Design Crafts programme focuses on exploration and curiosity into making, materiality, craftsmanship and design flare.  Anna Lewis, Design Crafts lecturer said: “The graduates have proved to be both inventive and resilient under the added challenges of rolling lockdowns and despite such restrictions have produced an amazing body of Design Craft work.”

Themes around ‘touch and connectivity’, positive expressions of ‘joy’, celebrating nature and the ability to ‘smile’ feature as a direct reaction to the life we have all experienced in the last year. 

Anna said the students had channelled this time and celebrated the conceptual and practical expression that is core to the Design Crafts programme.

“Specialising in a range of glass, ceramics and jewellery, this year’s cohort have produced a range of beautiful, colourful and thoughtful products and sculptural responses.” She added. “Despite the challenges, they faced they have remained professional and positive having responded to this very unusual circumstance with energy and focus producing exciting and innovative work. “

“The minute we were able to invite them safely back into the workshops after lockdown the productivity went through the roof, possibly a reaction to being away from a digital screen.”

“There is nothing better than learning in real life with real materials. As makers, we crave the touch and tacit knowledge that emerges from that learnt experience.”

Alyson Williams is a ceramicist and beekeeper whose final collection explores natural pod structures to create outdoor sculptures for bees and insects and highlights key environmental issues for pollinators.

Juliette Zelleke, a student who was locked down in Tanzania rose to the challenge working with local glass craftsmen and on her return created a rainbow collection of joy focused bonded glass vessels that play with form, light, and colour.

Heidi Walton combines her skills in both jewellery and glass creating powerfully simple copper, silver and glass domes that are inspired by communication and language such as braille that analyse the meaning of the word ‘smile’ in a world where we are wearing masks.

Samina Begum explores interpretations of jewellery and body with ‘touch’ and ‘connection’ being central themes creating beautiful cast glass hand-held forms.

Georgina Bowles runs an equine livery and has managed to turn every project brief so far into something horse related! Her final collection experiments with the horse skull form in slumped glass and horse teeth cast into soaps to remind us to wash our hands.

The first BA Design Crafts cohort of students have graduated from UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art.

Anna added: “The Design Crafts team are so impressed with this year’s cohort work ethic and positive attitude in the face of such adversity, this is indeed a special year on every level for the course.  We wish them the best of luck in their future careers, and we invite you to celebrate with us and come and take a closer look.”

The work is available to view online at the Swansea college of Art Summer show and also in real life in the basement workshop windows pop up show in ALEX, Alexander Rd, Swansea (from July 16th until the end of summer).


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The first BA Design Crafts cohort of students have graduated from UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art.

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