UWTSD Students take advantage of the opportunity to learn Welsh with Yr Atom


More than 60 UWTSD Students have taken advantage of a special scheme by Yr Atom, which gives them the opportunity to learn Welsh alongside their studies.

More than 60 UWTSD Students have taken advantage of a special scheme by Yr Atom Welsh Centre, which gives them the opportunity to learn Welsh alongside their studies.

This is the first time Yr Atom, Carmarthen’s Welsh Centre, has held taster lessons for the University’s students. Students attend weekly lessons in virtual classes, with the aim of igniting the students’ enthusiasm and ensure they have fun as they learn Welsh.

Learning new languages, including Welsh, has been very popular during lockdown as explained by Dan Rowbotham, who has been tutoring the students. Dan is also Yr Atom’s Co-ordinator. He says:

“I'm extremely glad that Yr Atom can offer this opportunity to the University’s students. Meeting students from across the institution has been a very special experience. The university has students around the world and because we work virtually, Yr Atom has given students from Wales, England, Scotland, Hungary, India and Brazil the opportunity to learn Welsh as part of their experience here in Trinity Saint David.

They are so enthusiastic and want to learn more all the time, which is a great attitude to have when learning the language.”

One of the students that has taken advantage of this opportunity is Hannah Galland who is studying BA Social Studies: Communities, Families and Individuals on the Carmarthen Campus.  She said:

“It has been an exceptional experience and I’m very grateful to Dan and the staff at Yr Atom for the opportunity.  

Learning new languages has been very popular during the lockdown period and earlier this year the language learning app, Duolingo, announced that it had seen a significant increase in the number of people who have started learning Welsh in the past few years.  

Starting to learn a new language has also been very popular among the university’s students and I’m so glad that I’ve had this opportunity.”

Although the doors at Yr Atom, like a number of other institutions and centres, have been closed since last March, the centre continues to work, offer opportunities and activities on-line and virtually.

During the last year, Yr Atom has been working closely with one of the centre’s tenants, Menter Gorllewin Sir Gâr, to hold a reading club for new speakers and activities for primary aged children. Yr Atom has also continued to develop the “Busnesa” project which promotes businesses that use the Welsh language and give support to businesses in Carmarthen that want to use more Welsh.

Carys Ifan is Canolfan S4C Yr Egin’s Director and is also responsible for Yr Atom.  She added:

“Although it hasn’t been possible to welcome people to the centre for over a year, by collaborating closely with other ventures and establishments we have been able to continue offering a number of important activities to promote the language in Carmarthen.

We are very proud of the success of the Welsh lessons for students and we look forward to further developing this exciting scheme. Thanks to Dan and the staff at Yr Atom for their work and enthusiasm during this last period.

Looking to the future we are also looking forward to continuing with the aim of making Welsh visible and hearable in the town by working with a range of partners.”

For further information contact Dan Rowbotham in Yr Atom - dan@yratom.cymru 

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