Yr Atom foyer transformed by Art School students.


Students from Coleg Sir Gâr Art School have recently been busy transforming the foyer in Yr Atom. Over the last year and a half the centre’s doors have been closed to the public as a result of the pandemic’s restrictions with activities only being held on-line, but the centre is now preparing to reopen their doors – with a flash of colour.

Murlum Yr Atom

The idea to redecorate the space that leads visitors from King Street into the Atom’s Café and reception in order to create something that would draw the eyes to encourage people to come into the building. The aim was to create a colourful and welcoming area that also has a link with Carmarthen and nearby areas.  

Canolfan Yr Atom staff are delighted with the transformation, and look forward to welcoming people back there. Dan Rowbotham, Yr Atom Coordinator said “We’re delighted to be able to collaborate with Carmarthen Art School staff, students and graduates. Being part of the process, and seeing the foyer being transformed has been an honour. The aim was to create a colourful and welcoming area, and the talented students have certainly achieved that. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has worked on the project, I would recommend that others wanting to commission similar work contact the Art College.”

The mural was designed by Siwan Davies, Megan Scales, Kelly Richards a Nia Tyrrell, four graduates on residency from Carmarthen Art School. Following a period of research, the decision was made to create an abstract mural based on natural and organic shapes, with bright attractive colours. The mural is based on local history. The students decided on a botanical theme for the foyer, and they were inspired by this following a visit to the Botanical Garden nearby in Llanarthne. The scheme, the shapes, and the features have been inspired by the incredible collection of flowers and woods available in the garden, and the colours chosen reflect the variety of bright colours there as well. Although nature is a common theme in the mural, the treatment of it has been particularly varied as a result of Gillian Ayers, Henri Matisse and Sophie Rae’s abstract paintings.

Murlun Yr Atom

According to Siwan Davies, one of the students who has planned the whole thing: “We’re very glad to have had the opportunity to be part of the mural’s planning and development. We had a lot of fun doing the project, and have enjoyed collaborating with the team in Yr Atom. Seeing our designs and ideas come to life on the walls has been exciting and the experience has been amazing for us as local artists.”

Unfortunately, the mural’s development was suspended because of the Coronavirus, but the project was restarted as the restrictions were lifted through the hard work of the Art School’s current students studying Higher Education course in Art and Design, and they applied the design to the walls in Yr Atom. 

This project has been invaluable to students and graduates as it has given them the opportunity to develop professional attributes and has enabled them to show their work to an external audience. 

According to Eulonwy Riley, an entry level and art lecturer in Coleg Sir Gâr. “These days, community murals are a means of expression for artists in every graphic style imaginable: abstract, photorealistic, surreal, expressionist and graffiti, to name but a few! More recently, murals have become community centres that bring people together to celebrate their homes’ heritage and history.” 

Murlun Atom 3

Note to Editor

Yr Atom was established following a successful application to the Welsh Government’s Capital Investment Fund 2014/15 to develop a Welsh Centre in Carmarthen. Having received a grant of £355,000 from the Government, UWTSD bought a bespoke building in the town centre, and following a local consultation and considerable modification inside the building, Yr Atom was opened by Wales’ First Minister at the start of October 2015.

In the 5 years since Yr Atom’s doors opened, it has planted deep roots and is now a cornerstone and catalyst offering opportunities to practice, learn and speak Welsh during work, business, education, social and cultural activities.

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