New CPD course in basic Mandarin and triple literacy for teachers in Welsh Schools


Following the successful launch of the Learn to Teach Mandarin Course in November 2021, the UWTSD Confucius Institute is offering this course again starting on 28 April 2022. 


Having attended the first course, this is what one of those students said about the course:

The trilingual focus of the lessons was very interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the level of detail the tutor put into her lessons. They were very informative, and the ‘extra learning’ (supplementary cultural lectures) were very interesting and provided a well-rounded introduction to Mandarin Chinese language and wider Chinese culture.”  

Learn to Teach Mandarin is a University Level 4 course designed and delivered by the UWTSD Confucius Institute. The course aims to equip teachers in Welsh schools with basic Mandarin language skills, essential culture topics, and teaching resources so that they can go on to teach elements of Chinese to their Key Stage 2 or 3 students. It is ideal for MFL teachers who wish to add to their professional training by learning a new language, but is also eminently suitable for teachers who have no background in foreign language teaching, and no prior knowledge of Mandarin.

The 12-week course is delivered online, after school, for 2 hours per week. It covers useful vocabulary and phrases for communicating in real-life scenarios and includes a range of engaging culture topics. Each unit is thematically based on real life scenarios and is designed so that teachers can use the materials in class either as standalone topics or as a series of lessons. However, the content of all 11 units builds gradually to provide a solid foundation in basic Mandarin.

The course has several unique features. Mandarin is taught in the context of triple literacy, acknowledging the needs of Welsh/English bilingual learners, and making fascinating connections between the three languages. Colour-coded sentence builders are used to show both the differences and similarities between Mandarin, Welsh and English, also giving the flexibility to include other languages. Pronunciation of tones is made easy with a systematic colour-coding system.

In addition to the language units the course offers a series of 10 academic lectures on different Chinese culture topics such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Rabbit in the Moon and other Chinese Legends, and The Art of Chinese Calligraphy, to mention but a few. These provide a sound basis for teachers to go on to create Chinese culture resources and activities to use in class.

Course tutor, Ms Tang Yuqi commented: ‘Learning a new language, opens a door to a new world. Learning a tonal language gives you a whole new insight into language. Plus, students will learn cutting-edge teaching methodologies that are transferable for teaching any foreign language. I’m looking forward to sharing the course with teachers from Welsh schools.’


Confucius Institute Executive Director, Krystyna Krajewska said:

‘I hope that Welsh school teachers with an interest in languages will see this as a good opportunity to discover the richness in Chinese language and culture.  It’s also a great opportunity to top up their professional skills with a credit bearing course.’

The Learn to Teach Mandarin Course carries 10 credits at Level 4 awarded by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. The course starts on 28 April and requires prior registration.  For more information go to or email 

Further Information

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