'The Harmony of Heaven and Earth' - UWTSD's Sophia Centre to host its 19th Annual Conference


Next month, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David will be hosting its 19th annual Sophia Centre conference.

How do we seek to harmonise life on Earth with that of the Heavens – the sky, stars and wider cosmos? This is the question asked posed by the nineteenth annual conference of the University’s Sophia Centre. This year the Centre is partnering with the University’s Harmony Institute.

The two-day conference, entitled 'The Harmony of Heaven and Earth', will be held on the University's Lampeter campus on 25 and 26 June.  This year, the Sophia Centre is partnering with the University’s Harmony Institute. The concept of harmony considers that the universe exists as a single whole and is fundamental to many ancient philosophies as well as to modern science. This gives rise to the concept that the cosmos exists in a state of Harmony (with a capital ‘H’).  In addition, this underpins the belief that human beings can live in Harmony with the wider environment and resonates with many traditions from the East, West, Old and New Worlds.  In practice, such ideas have implications in health studies, education, business, architecture, agriculture, conflict resolution and a range of other activities.  If all things are connected then they are also related, and the well-being of one depends on the well-being of another. Such notions can be contextualised within a framework of social justice and equality.

The conference will be a hybrid event, with some audience and speakers gathering in Lampeter, and others joining online from around the world. Topics that will be dicussed during the confernece will include the arts, architecture, archaeology, politics, magic, gardening and dark skies.

Dr Nicholas Campion, who has a shared responsibility for both the Sophia Centre and the Harmony Institute said:

"The study of the way we make meaning of the heavens, sky and stars is a unique feature of the offering in Humanities at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Over the last twenty years we have pioneered the study of how our ideas of the cosmos influence all aspects of culture, and we continue to be leaders in the field."

Dr Frances Clynes, a member of the conference committee, said,

"How do we seek to harmonise life on Earth with that of the Heavens – the sky, stars and wider cosmos? This is the question that we'll be asking during the nineteenth annual conference.

On this, the two hundredth anniversary of the University’s foundation, we remember how it was established to make education accessible and we welcome everyone at our conferences."

Speakers gathering in Lampeter will include:

Dr Jack Hunter: ‘Permaculture, Spirituality and Cosmology: Gardening in Harmony with Cosmic Principles’

Dr Nicholas Campion: ‘The Harmony of the Heavens and Earth in the Western Tradition’

Dr Dawn Collins: ‘Tibetan Spirit Mediums, Harmony and the Sky’

Krystyna Krajewska: ‘The Way of Heaven: Chinese Cosmology and the Proper Order of Things’

Marc Frincu: ‘Cosmological and Christian harmony in traditional Romanian carols and fairytales’.

Speakers joining the conference online will include:

Aleksandra Bajic: ‘Looking for Harmonia’

Claudia J. Rousseau: ‘Celestial Harmony and Astrological Magic’

Yuqing Chen: Beliefs and cosmology: the orientation of graves in Neolithic China.

Jessica Heim: ‘Astronomers, the Night Sky, and the Space Environment’

The conference is being promoted by the Sophia Centre Press, the Sophia Centre’s inhouse academic publisher.

For all information on the conference including programme and registration: http://sophia-project.net/conferences/conference2022/index.php

For any further information about the Sophia Centre and Harmony Institute, please contact Dr Nicholas Campion -  n.campion@uwtsd.ac.uk 

Further Information

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