UWTSD London graduate’s learning journey to inspire her young son


When UWTSD London campus BA Leadership and Management Skills for the Workplace graduate Wafa Wajeeh Nasser first arrived in the UK, she had already endured an emotional and difficult life journey. Here, she credits UWTSD for helping to turn her life around, giving her the skills and confidence to achieve a career and inspire and encourage her young son.

Wafa Wajeeh Nasser and her son Yousef

Native to Palestine, Wafa grew up in Kuwait with her seven siblings, after her parents were forced to flee on foot during the occupation.

Encouraged to study hard at school and college, Wafa’s plans for a medical scholarship to join her older brother in the United States were halted by the start of the Gulf War and the family left Kuwait to start another new life in Jordan.

Starting again from scratch under difficult circumstances meant Wafa’s dreams of a career were once again put on hold as she looked for work to help her parents and remaining siblings.

She said: “After several years, the dream came back to me, and I went to study interior design and then started to look for work in my field of study, but I couldn't find a job as a female.

“I was frustrated, but I had to work. I enrolled on a beauty and hairdressing course, and I started to work in that industry, but the pressures of society, customs and tradition then meant that as an unmarried woman, I was unable to continue.”

A move to London followed, where she started work as a hairdresser and beautician in a salon. From there, despite further setbacks, finding out she was pregnant with her son Yousef, Wafa said was the motivation she needed to return to education and to pursue a career.

She said: “It was a long journey full of troubles, suffering and illness but finally after 14 years I could see a better way ahead. I was determined to start a new journey of fighting for a better life. What brought all this strength and brightness to my life is my son, Yousef.

“I want to be a good role model for him and achieve my goals of education, and working at the same time, so I joined UWTSD. Dr Audsin Dhas was the motivator who gave me confidence and always stood by me, and I can’t thank him enough. From joining UWTSD my life started to change, and I started to change people’s lives and I’m not going to stop learning.

“Thanks to Allah and thanks to everyone at UWTSD, who has taught me to believe in myself. A special thank you to my tutors, university staff, and colleagues for my new, brighter life - you will be always a part of it.”

Wafa is now continuing her learning journey at UWTSD London by studying for an MBA in Marketing.

Dr Audsin Dhas, Executive Dean and Head of London campus said: “Wafa is an iconic symbol of how determination and perseverance can lead to achieving what one would like to achieve. Despite all challenges, she stayed strong and had a smile on her face always. I wish her all the best”.

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