Exhibition marks 25 years of UWTSD’s Graphic Design degree course


This academic year marks the twenty-fifth year of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme at Swansea College of Art UWTSD. The achievement is proudly celebrated through an exhibition and celebration at UWTSD’s Studio Griffith at the Dynevor Campus, Swansea.

This academic year marks the twenty-fifth year of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme at Swansea College of Art UWTSD.

A curatorial labour of love by Graphic Design lecturer Harry Richmond, it has generated a diverse and comprehensive visual testament to the success and longevity of this internationally respected course.

Here, Donna Williams, Programme Manager, for the BA (Hons) Graphic Design reflects on a magical evening which brought former students back to the University to inspire our current students:

Our graduates make a positive difference and visual contribution not only within Wales and the UK but increasing at a global level. On our opening night, we were delighted to see so many of our former students who have now become firm friends and ambassadors and supporters of the Graphic Design programme here in Swansea.

It was a pleasure to see Patrick Glavey - a graduate of the ‘Covid era’ - and to hear of his recent recruitment by OddCommon, a position that will see Patrick’s time divided between London and New York. There were so many inspiring stories from all of our graduates.

Former graduates James Packer and Nathan Griffiths - Senior Designers at Sky News – returned to the University to give current students an overview of their roles, and a glimpse into the future. James and Nathan generously set a brief for the day, and seven small groups had just a few hours to pitch ideas for a viable visualisation of the ongoing ‘Partygate’ story. We were pleased to hear that James and Nathan were bowled over by the standard of work generated, giving them quite a headache in choosing a winning pitch!

After some deliberation, it was decided that the group comprising Summer Davies, Laura Wade, Ceri Thomas, and Jodie Bond would be invited to Sky headquarters in London for a private tour and an opportunity to re-present their idea to a larger audience.

At a different area of the design spectrum, other ex-students Jon Dawkins, Heidi Griffiths and Dan Huxtable recounted stories of freelance success and small business initiatives that go some way to clarifying the wealth of options and opportunities that await our Graphic Design graduates. Our course creates an ever-expanding network of long-standing friends, students who have become professionals and sometimes parents. We care passionately about our course and those who commit three years of their lives to it. The satisfaction of playing a part in these success stories is what keeps the staff team energized from year to year.

Exhibition marks 25 years of UWTSD’s Graphic Design degree course.

Twenty-five of these highly creative years have now passed and we would love to see you at this remarkable show that succeeds in encapsulating the output and the effort of both students and staff over a proud quarter of a century. The digital and the tactile, the rational and the emotional, the corporate and the challenging - all are valued and represented in this highly engaging celebration of our ongoing explorations in word and image.

The 25-year celebration has been a powerful reflective experience of collating so many stories and seeing how the work has evolved and continues to evolve in such a fast-changing industry.

At the grand opening, there was a magic in the room. The best I can describe the feeling was an exciting family reunion. I was amazed at the scale of careers and experiences that our graduates had moved onto. The week continued with workshops and industry speakers which is always an essential and rewarding part of our design week. Many thanks to all our speakers and the engagement of our current students. Many thanks to Mark Cocks our Assistant Dean who gave a heart-warming opening speech and Caroline Thraves our Academic Director who have supported us all the way through.

The show continues to  April 6th at Stiwdio Griffith, Dynevor Campus. Swansea College of Art. UWTSD, SA1 3EU

Open 10am to 4pm including Saturdays.

We were kindly sponsored by esteemed paper suppliers G.F Smith for the show and have some limited-edition silkscreen posters, designed by Phil Thomas, for all our visitors. Many thanks to Phil for all the designs.

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Exhibition marks 25 years of UWTSD’s Graphic Design degree course

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