FFIT Cymru Dietitian studies Sports and Exercise Nutrition at UWTSD


A Dietitian from S4C's FFIT Cymru programme, Beca Lyne- Pirkis, is now a well-known face on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David campus as a student studying a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

Beca Lyne Pirkis - sports nutrition student

Beca graduated as a dietitian last year and decided to continue her studies by studying for a Master's in Sports and Exercise Nutrition at UWTSD, as she has a strong interest within the sports field, and within the role of nutrition for training and competition sessions.

Beca said:

"I've always had an interest in nutrition related to training for running, especially marathons, as I myself have achieved several over the years.

"When I was studying for my degree as a dietitian, I always wanted to learn more about how the impact of food and nutrition had on the body whilst training, competing and performing in sport."

This is the third year for UWTSD to offer this Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition course, and there are a wide range of students coming to study the course from a nutrition, dietetics, and Sport Science background to name just a few.  Sports Nutrition is relatively a new field, and one that continues to grow.

Beca came to study at UWTSD, as it is the only place in Wales that offers a masters course within this subject. She knew about the facilities the University had to offer, and was also aware of the specialist connections the University had locally and nationally, including IronMan Cymru.

As part of the course, Beca is studying about the principles of sports nutrition and fitness grounded in contemporary theories and evidence. Specialist software is used to undertake dietary analysis and meal planning. The students also use the human performance lab to assess individuals' health and fitness levels.

Beca added:

"The mix of elements like testing our VO2 Max in the sports testing labs is great in terms of capability, and then analysing the data and understanding what impact food can have on someone after collection, and understanding results from the tests. I'm a person who loves figures and maths, and then can translate everything into different dishes and foods to help someone – it's the perfect combination of everything I like!"

Chris Cashin is the programme manager, and is a highly experienced sports nutritionist who has worked with some of the best sports performers in the country. She said:

"The programme is divided into two parts where students study the theory over 2 years on a part-time basis, and then complete the dissertation in an area that interests them.

"The degree is written to meet the competencies of the Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) – the register run by the British Dietetic Association is regarded as the gold standard for sports nutrition practitioners and our graduates are eligible for direct entry after they complete the programme.

"Our new Sports Academy will give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of sports.

"We’re delighted to welcome Beca Lyne - Perkis as a student to UWTSD, and we look forward to seeing her at work on FFIT Cymru".

On a day-to-day basis, Beca works as a Dietitian with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and recognises that combining the knowledge she already uses in addition to what she has learnt on the course has been beneficial, as well as supporting her on FFIT Cymru.

She said:

"I'm thrilled to be part of the FFIT Cymru family!  The opportunity of being able to work with the leaders to transcend their lives with Psychologist Dr Ioan and Personal Trainer Rae Carpenter is a pleasure.  Getting to play a small role in their transformation journey is really special because they have to make so many changes, and be filmed every step of the way, but we're there to support and motivate them, and then they go on to inspire us and everyone who watches the series."

FFIT Cymru will be returning this week to S4C, and Beca encourages those wishing to transform their lifestyle and eating habits to,

"Watch the series and go on the website to follow the food plan and fitness plan. Don't worry if things don't quite go right all the time, transforming your life is a long journey, but keep going, and watch the series to be inspired to carry on on your journey!"

A Dietitian from S4C's FFIT Cymru programme, Beca Lyne- Pirkis, is now a well-known face on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David campus as a student studying a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

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