UWTSD Group Sporting Academies create new pathway for students to combine academic and sporting excellence


A new strategic partnership between UWTSD Academy of Sport and Coleg Sir Gâr Sports Academy will provide a pathway for students to combine their academic and sporting aspirations through Further and Higher Education.

UWTSD Group Sporting Academies create new pathway for students to combine academic and sporting excellence

UWTSD has led the development of a dual sector university structure, known as the UWTSD Group, a framework to enable collaboration with other institutions within the region. As part of this development Coleg Sir Gâr and UWTSD have already collaborated on key academic decisions for nearly a decade and this partnership further strengthens the relationship.

The learner is central to the UWTSD Group and our commitment to providing an excellent learning experience is at the heart of our activities. Both Sporting Academies aim to support students involved in high performance sport while they study. Students can access professional-level coaching and strength and conditioning training, as well as advice on nutrition, diet, and lifestyle.

Access to our sports facilities across both institutions, opportunities to participate in the Welsh Colleges and British Colleges Sport Competitions at Further Education and the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) leagues, events, and championships at Higher Education, provides the environment for students to compete at the highest level.

Lee Tregoning, Head of the UWTSD Academy of Sport said:

"We are enhancing the linkages between further and higher education to create this unique pathway for academic excellence and high-performance sport that will be for the benefit of our learners. We welcome the opportunities this creates for greater alignment between the two sporting academies. We aim to develop and enhance our partnership and to maximise further, higher education and progression opportunities for learners in both academia and sport.”

Euros Evans, Head of Coleg Sir Gâr Sports Academies said:

“The opportunity now exists for students to continue their education and sporting journey through the UWTSD family. The services that both Academies provide them with gives a typical student a 5-year pathway where they can train and play at the highest level in College and University Sport while also achieving their academic goals.”

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