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A Wales First for Prestigious Celtic Conference at UWTSD


Cynrychiolaeth o dduwies ceffylau ac amddiffynnydd teithwyr y Celtiaid, Epona, sy’n debyg i chwedl Rhiannon yn y Mabinogi (gwelir yn Amgueddfa Dijon, Ffrainc).The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) will host a prestigious conference on Romano-Celtic cults, deities and religion next month, the first time that the event has been held by a Celtic-speaking country.

The 13th ‘F.E.R.C.AN (Fontes Epigraphici Religionum Celticarum Antiquarum) Workshop’ will take place at the University’s Lampeter campus between 17th and 19th October. It will bring together a large number of scholars from the UK and Europe with the aim of providing a better understanding of so-called ‘Celtic’ deities, cults and religion(s) in Antiquity, primarily focussing on the epigraphic, iconographic, sculptural and archaeological evidence from the Iron Age and the Roman period.

They will also explore the ways in which new cults and deities developed during the Roman period, and how cult practices, sanctuaries, rituals changed between Iron Age and Roman period.

Dr Ralph Häussler from UWTSD’s School of Classics, who runs the Sacred Ways Project, has been coordinator of the F.E.R.C.AN Project since its inception in 1998.

Dr Häussler said: “UWTSD’s Sacred Ways Project aligns with the aims of the F.E.R.C.AN. Workshops. This is aninterdisciplinary and inter­national project that unites scholars – epigraphers, historians, archaeologists, linguists, Classicists and Celtologists from numerous European countries aiming to re-think our under­standing of ‘Celtic’, Romano-Celtic, Britanno-Roman, Gallo-Roman and Celtiberic cults, deities, sanctuaries and religions from the Iron Age to late Antiquity.

“The proceedings from previous F.E.R.C.AN. Workshops have been published and provide a wealth of material and methodological approaches that has significantly re-shaped our understanding of Celtic religions and Roman provincial religions in past years. The workshop will also allow for the reinforcement of links between British and European universities which may result in future research projects.”

The event will provide UWTSD students with a unique opportunity to work with eminent scholars linked to their field of study, including academics from the University of Wales’ Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.

Dr Häussler said: “Hosting this workshop will enhance the reputation and raise awareness of the School of Classics’ Sacred Ways research project, and of UWTSD and Lampeter in general, in the academic community both in Wales and across Europe.

For more information about, or to attend, the 13th ‘F.E.R.C.AN Workshop’ please visit

Note to Editor

  1. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David was established in 2010 through the merger of the University of Wales Lampeter and Trinity University College, Carmarthen. On 1 August 2013 the Swansea Metropolitan University merged with the University.
  2. The University’s Royal Charter 1828 is the oldest in Wales, and it is third behind Oxford and Cambridge in Wales and England. HRH Prince of Wales is the Patron of the University.

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