Press Releases 2014-2015

Swansea College of Art UWTSD Students Exhibit in Graduate Showcase


Four University of Wales Trinity Saint David graduates are exhibiting their work at Mission Gallery’s Graduate Showcase 2015 during August until 6th of September. 

The graduates, Emily Taylor, Naomi Mitchell, Frances Dixon and Rachel Williams are all Swansea College of Art UWTSD graduates. Mission Gallery has developed a reputation for dynamic and distinctive programming, to present excellence across the visual arts, applied arts and craft, from across Wales and beyond.

Emily Taylor who studied BA Illustration is currently based in South Wales and works primarily with fine-liners, pro- markers and pencil with Photoshop for editing and finishing her work.

Her work is largely based around observations of life, daily drawings of objects and people or focusing on certain issues and questions within our culture. A perfectionist trying hard to scribble her way into a messy realm; where work can take new forms and directions.

Naomi Mitchell who studied BA Illustration has, from a young, age always enjoyed drawing people and her work still centres around the same subject matter. Predominantly using watercolour and biro pen her combination of delicate line work and heavy shading capture those quintessential qualities that distinguishes one human face from another. Her work explores how the possessions we own and the clothes we wear can become a part of who we are. In consideration to this Naomi has created four fictional characters that together make up the quirky and dysfunctional family – The Woodberry’s. Paired with a page of their favourite possessions, each character’s belongings give an insight into their likes and interests. Perhaps building a personality behind the portrait and making these imagined characters more believable.

Frances Dixon studied on the BA Surface Pattern course; she creates limited edition textiles to be used as products for the domestic space. She has explored the feminine stereotype and the historical relationship between textiles and the domestic space throughout her third year. Conscious of these associations, Frances is passionate about producing work that is rendered using traditional methods such as hand dyeing, silk-screen printing and embroidery.

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, she explores traditional processes to create textiles that have distinct, inventive colour combinations and textures. Her graduate collection is inspired by bringing the outdoors in, combining landscape with still life to create contemporary pieces for the home.

 Rachel Williams is a recent graduate of Photography, her work is soft and dream-like, evoking feelings of denial and confusion in the event of an inexplicable loss. Although the work is derived from a traumatic experience, the artist is drawn to the simplistic beauty and banality of everyday life. It is an act of taking these unexplainable feelings and transforming them into a visual language. 

 Swansea College of Art at UWTSD was founded 160 years ago and has a distinguished tradition; described in Peter Lord's The Visual Culture of Wales as 'the most successful and prestigious art school in Wales'. Today the college is at the forefront of creativity and employment.

In 2005 the programmes moved into a purpose built multi-million pound 'Art School' in the heart of Swansea's Arts Quarter. In 2014 the Faculty expanded its world-class facilities with the opening of the £14m ALEX Design Exchange. These developments have ensured that Swansea College of Art provides thriving, creative environment for students, staff, alumni and visiting professionals.

The Faculty provision covers a wide range of programmes from Foundation Diploma Art and Design, HND, Undergraduate, through to Taught and Research Post –Graduate Degrees. Subject areas cover the Fine and Applied Arts; Media, Digital Film and Television Production and Studies; Photography and Photojournalism; Surface Pattern Design, Textiles and Fashion Accessories; Graphic Design, Illustration and Advertising Design; 3D Computer Animation, Creative Computer Games Design, Creative Digital Media, Music Technology; Automotive & Transport Design, Product Design, Medical Product Design; Architectural Glass Arts, Glass and Glass with Product Design.

Note to Editor

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  2. The University of Wales Trinity Saint David was established in 2010 through the merger of the University of Wales Lampeter and Trinity University College, Carmarthen. On 1 August 2013 the Swansea Metropolitan University merged with the University
  3. The University’s Royal Charter 1828 is the oldest in Wales, and it is third behind Oxford and Cambridge in Wales and England. HRH Prince of Wales is the Patron of the University
  4. On 1 August, 2013 Coleg Sir Gâr merged with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Group, however they will keep their own brand. Coleg Ceredigion merged with the Group on 1 January 2014