Press Releases 2014-2015

UK Quality Mark for the University of Wales Trinity Saint David


The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has confirmed the quality and standards of provision at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) following its review in June 2015.

A team of QAA reviewers visited UWTSD and judged that its academic standards, the quality and enhancement of its student learning opportunities, and the quality of information about its learning opportunities all meet UK expectations.

The review identifies the following examples of good practice:

· the comprehensive range of academic and pastoral support provided for all students

· the use of an interactive online system to gather and act on student feedback.

The review also highlights the engagement of the University with its collaborative partners through the roles of Partnership Co-ordinators and Partnership Team Leaders as a feature of good practice.

The review also made a small number of recommendations.

Professor Catrin Thomas, UWTSD Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said: “We are pleased, but not surprised, by the QAA’s endorsement of UWTSD. This was the first major academic assessment for the newly transformed University. Following a very rigorous review, the QAA have judged that UWTSD meets the UK’s expectations for academic standards, the quality and enhancement of UWTSD’s student learning opportunities, and the quality of information regarding the University’s learning opportunities. We are also delighted that the QAA has identified some areas of good practice.

"In addition, we welcome the recommendations of the review which are consistent with our understanding of the areas for development that will further strength our provision.

"The positive findings of this review are testament to the quality of our staff, who are delivering high quality programmes against the backdrop of significant changes within UWTSD and across the Welsh higher education sector. Our employees are committed to the University’s core values, which are derived from our learner-focused approach to education. We strive to add value to the learning experience by combining traditional higher education with vocational, professional and academic research, delivered with academic rigour.”

QAA's Higher Education Reviews are carried out by experts from other universities and colleges. Every review team includes a student reviewer, because QAA believes that students should be partners in the quality assurance of their education.

The team that reviewed the University of Wales Trinity Saint David comprised Professor John Baldock (University of Kent), Claire Blanchard (University of Chester), Hayley Burns (University of South Wales), Professor Diane Meehan (Liverpool John Moores University) and Matthew Kitching (student reviewer at Buckinghamshire New University).

A successful review means that the University can display the QAA Quality Mark, indicating to UK and international students that the University meets national requirements for standards and quality.