Press Releases 2014-2015

UWTSD Early Childhood Studies visit Down to Earth


The annual Down to Earth visit for third year Early Childhood degree students at UWTSD was another great success. As part of the Green Childhood module students enjoyed a range of hands on and outdoor activities designed to explore how early childhood practitioners can incorporate sustainability into their everyday work with children.

Activities included ‘big map’ global citizenship and fairness games, tree climbing, wood carving, clay model making, sensory games, making camp fires, as well as building and construction.

Feedback from all the participants was very positive and since the visit several of the students hope to visit or volunteer at the Down to Earth site again.   One student noted, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have learnt so much about ways to make sustainable living part of the everyday and how to include children. I can't wait to return and bring children so they are also able to benefit from the activities.’

 Several students gained confidence to try activities and learn skills they had never tried before. One student said ’Good fun, learned new skills. Learned new information to help with the work, and helped me appreciate the use of natural resources’.

Another highlighted ‘It allowed me to see the opportunities that the outdoors environment has to promote sustainability and holistic development. By taking part in the workshops it has given me confidence and ideas that I can use when working with children, which will allow us to become part of the solution to a sustainable future.’

The day also included presentations from the Down to Earth team providing a wealth of information to support students to understand Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) policy and practice in Wales. ESDGC is an increasingly important part of the Welsh education curriculum and this provides students an excellent platform on which to develop their ESDGC practice in the future. 

Thanks to the Down to Earth team and our Early Childhood students for creating a very memorable experience.