In order to facilitate the new Student Portal (MyDay – coming soon we are improving the student email system. This will mean all existing students email addresses are changing from the current and to As part of the work we will be ensuring that no current emails held in the old email account will be lost and so all your emails will be automatically moved to your new account. Below is a schedule for work to be completed and the impact on you as a student.

You can now log into your new email service:

Please ensure you login to the new email system using your new email address format, old email address formats or will not allow you to log in.

Friday 19th September @ 12:00pm

  • The new student email system is now live
  • All website (, Moodle etc.) links have been updated to point you to the new student email system (
  • All your email from your old and account will have been moved across ready for you
  • Any emails sent to your and email account from this point onwards will automatically now go to your new account
  • If you find you are missing any emails or are having any issues with your new email account please let us know asap
  • Your old email accounts won’t be deleted, you just won’t be able to access them
  • Please contact your local IT Service Desk if you have any issues;

Frequently Asked Questions

Office 365 is the next step for the current University email, calendaring and contacts service. The opportunity arose to move to one email platform for all Students regardless of location and this matched the Universities plans to become more connected across campuses.

No, we are migrating all your old emails as part of this switch.

The only thing we need you to do is use your new log in details from 9:00am on Wednesday 17th September 2014.

We aim to take all email (including folders), calendar and contact information. Due to the sheer volume of data there may be a delay between switching to Office 365 and all data coming across from & but our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for all students.

We are not able to migrate rules (including out of office), signatures or stationary. You will need to re-set these, if you need assistance then please let us know.

These will automatically get redirected to your new email address and you won’t see any impact, but please make sure you let people know your new email address.

We don’t plan for any downtime as we switch over to the new service and are hopeful it will be a seamless transition for you. Should you experience any issues please contact the Service Desk who will be able to support you.

If you think you have an issue with your emails, can you please check you are logging in with your new email address. If that’s correct, please contact your local Service Desk who will be able to support you.


No – the way you log on to Campus PC's remains the same.

A: Yes you will need to re-setup your new style email account onto your smart phone/device. You can do this by following one of the below guides depending on your phone/device. Please also note that although it may appear to connect to your old account without issue, no emails will arrive to the old address and all content has been copied to your new account.




Nokia Symbian

Windows 7 Phone


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