Online & Distance Learning

UWTSD has a long history of offering postgraduate and research programmes through distance learning.

At UWTSD we recognise that attending lectures on-campus is not suitable for everyone. Which is why we offer a wide range of programmes that can be studied from the comfort of your own home - or wherever else you choose.  

As an online/distance learner at UWTSD you will be joining a vibrant, international community of learners who come to us from all walks of life. 

Most programmes will use a combination of new and traditional technologies including individual research and online tutorials. Once you are registered on a programme you will have access to our virtual learning environment (VLE) called Moodle. Depending on your programme you will have access, through Moodle, to a range of learning packages, a growing collection of specially created resources, electronic journals and e-books. 

Learning through Moodle gives you: 

  • Flexibility - a tool for stuying at times that suit you 
  • Peer support - online forums provide a way of communication with other students and lecturers
  • Flexible learning style - a learning tool that can accommodate many learning styles, auditory and visual with the possibility of recording lectures
  • Learning reinforcement - you can revisit materials multiple times
  • Team and group work - Moodle enables peer collaboration on project work that can take place at a distance
  • Assessments - Moodle gives you access to 'Turnitin', a sector-specific, best-practice tool for submitting your work and recieving feedback 

As a UWTSD student you will also have access to 'MyDay' via the university's main website.  MyDay will give you access to Moodle, Library Services, Student Services, IT Help Desk, Careers Guidance, University Email, News and Events, The Students' Union, Microsoft Office 365 and Online Storage through Microsoft's 'OneDrive' 

You will at all points in your programme from introductory modules through to your dissertation be offered tutor support and guidance through group seminars (via online sessions), phone, Skype and email contact.

All students are allocated a personal tutor, usually the programme coordinator and will have access to a range of student services that cover induction and training sessions, IT help and support, study skills and various personal developmental sessions, delivered on-line or via distance learning study skills ‘surgeries’.

Distance learning provision is underpinned by the expertise of our teaching staff who are research active and regularly publish books and peer-reviewed articles, deliver talks and lectures at conferences or are involved as editors of various academic journals. This means programmes of study are based upon the research specialisms of staff, who can offer research driven learning and teaching.