Learn Chinese with Morgan and his family

a drawing of a family

A free resource for Home Schooling and For Primary schools Key Stage 2 pupils

See Chinese is a fun way for primary school children in Key Stage 2 to discover the basics of Chinese. This open access resource is free for children to try at home. 

Learn all about Morgan and his family.  Just follow the link to the video and click on each activity.

See Chinese free videos and activities

Access Lesson 1 Here

Access Lesson 2 Here

Access Lesson 3 Here

Access Lesson 4 Here

Access Lesson 5 Here

Teachers!  If you would like to learn some basic Mandarin to teach your primary school pupils using this resource, please register now.  We would like to invite you to join a FREE 5 week pilot course in early March on how to use the See Chinese resource.  These resources will be available in Welsh and in English. 

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