Supporting your Study

Virtual Learning Environment - Moodle

Most of your discussion, communication and materials will take place and be available via the learning environment Moodle.

Moodle is a secure and controlled web space used for learning and teaching, tutors and students can use the space to hold materials, communicate and collaborate with each other and is especially valuable for distance learning.

The benefits for students can be summed up as:

  • Flexibility - a tool for studying at suitable times leading towards a better work/life/study balance;
  • Peer support and communication reducing isolation - this is especially valuable for distance learning students who may never meet their peers face to face;
  • Learning style - provides a learning tool that can accommodate many learning styles, auditory and visual with the possibilities of recording lectures;
  • Learning reinforcement - students can revisit materials multiple times in the run up to exams or simply for interest and pleasure;
  • Team and group work - peer collaboration on project work that can take place at a distance;
  • Building a community of practice - engenders a sense of identity related to the course and institution that is especially valuable for distance and research students;
  • Security - provides a space for students to experiment, learn and develop thinking, analysis of difficult complex concepts in a safe and secure environment;
  • Assessment - provides tools and a space for formative assessment through quizzes and reflection on learning with blogs.

The benefits for Tutors can be summed up as:

  • Administrative - a place to organise and store course materials;
  • Support - allows students to be supported at a distance from the university, this could be distance students or students on placements;
  • Information and communication - ability to send and hold information for students to use and refer to when needed.


E-Resources come in many forms and provide indexes to journals and sometimes to books and reports. With support from our dedicated distance learning librarian (Kathy Miles) you will have an access to these electronic resources via your own account (called My Athens). Your Athens account is password controlled and gives you access to a range of journals, books and reports via the internet.

SCONUL access

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal service supported by most of the higher education libraries of the UK and Ireland, and provides borrowing privileges for most distance learners.  As a distance learning student you can apply for a SCONUL, you may then be able to access your local university library.

Where to find Moodle

Moodle is an internet-based environment so you can access anywhere in the world, all you need is internet for access. 

When you enrol as a student you will be given access to the Moodle site.   

Moodle access page

If you need help?

This may appear challenging at first, however help and support is available for using Moodle and the other electronic resources.