Nadia | MA Physical Education

Dr Timothy Mallard | PhD Theology (Christian Ethics)

Alison Chester-Lambert | MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology

Surely one of the greatest benefits of the internet is education. As the mother and carer of a child with disabilities, I had a few local options to study, but nothing like the opportunities presented by TSD distance learning. 

It has opened up a vast reservoir of possibilities for those like me who could never have hoped to access such speciality subjects before.

I am an astrologer and wanted to study the history and contribution that the starry skies have made to the human story, so I enrolled to take the MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology . Read More...

Andrew Oberg | MA Applied Philosophy

My name is Andrew Oberg and I am on the MA in  programme as a distance student.

I suppose I should start this with a bit about myself. I live in Tokyo, Japan, with my wife and child and teach at a university that is located about an hour northwest of the city.

I recently decided that I would like to further my education for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I have for years wanted to study philosophy at the graduate level but never had a good occasion to do so. Read More...

Geraldine Heil | MA Cultural Astronomy & Astrology

I absolutely love being a MRes Cultural Astronomy and Astrology student and consider myself to be privileged to learn such a wonderful subject and also to ultimately gain a post graduate qualification here at TSD.

The MA subject area was a big motivation for me and I liked the idea of being able to study and not re-locate as it particular suits my busy lifestyle. Read more...

Carol Ballard | MA Medieval Studies

I am a mature (very mature – nearly an OAP!) student, currently studying the MA course in Medieval Studies as a Distant Learner.

When I left school in 1972, I studied Plant Sciences and then a PhD in Immunology. After a few years in post-doc research, I did a PGCE course and spent the rest of my working life as a science teacher and writing science text books. Read more...

Susanne Beyer | MA Celtic Studies

My name is Susanne Beyer and I live near Braunschweig in Germany. After completing a BA in Anthropology and Welsh last year, I am currently studying for an MA in Celtic Studies – again through distance learning. This is the only way for me to study at the moment because I have three children. We live in a rural area and the nearest university focuses on technical subjects. Read more about Susanne’s story in her own words in both English and Welsh here...