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What our Students Say

My name is Andrew Oberg and I am on the MA Applied Philosophy programme as a distance student.

I suppose I should start this with a bit about myself. I live in Tokyo, Japan, with my wife and child and teach at a university that is located about an hour northwest of the city. I recently decided that I would like to further my education for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I have for years wanted to study philosophy at the graduate level but never had a good occasion to do so. Also, although my current occupational field is in language instruction, I thought it wise to expand the areas I’m qualified to teach in and thus potentially give myself more career opportunities in the future.

Trinity Saint David provided me with both the chance to study the field my heart is in and to be able to do so while still working full-time. I have found the administrative staff in each department that I’ve interacted with to be extremely supportive, courteous, and prompt in their dealings with me.

As a distance student, your main challenge will probably come from yourself in the form of finding the time needed for your studies. This has certainly been the case for me. Personally, I can best prepare for my assignments by studying during my daily train commute, sometimes in the evenings, and often on the weekends.

This has meant some personal sacrifices, but not too many, and as I thoroughly enjoy what I’m studying I don’t feel like the trade-off has been in any way negative.

Andrew Oberg