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What our Students Say

I am a mature (very mature – nearly an OAP!) student, currently studying the MA course in Medieval Studies as a Distant Learner. When I left school in 1972, I studied Plant Sciences and then a PhD in Immunology. After a few years in post-doc research, I did a PGCE course and spent the rest of my working life as a science teacher and writing science text books.

However, my heart has always been in the Arts, particularly History and History of Art. I’d always had at the back of my mind the idea that one day I’d be able to follow up this interest, and in 2002 I began studying for a BA in Humanities. When I finished this, I wondered ‘What next?’ – and searched around for a distance learning MA course in Medieval Studies.

It needed to be flexible, both in terms of modules on offer and in the demands it made on my time – I can’t maintain a regular pattern of study over each year, but tend to have short bursts of plenty of time broken up by spells when study just has to take a back seat! Looking at all the available courses on offer, Trinity Saint David ticked all my boxes – and when I spoke to Janet Burton (Professor of Medieval History) she was so positive, friendly and helpful it just felt so right for me I couldn’t wait to get started.

The high points so far include exploring new approaches (well, new to me anyway) to thinking about Medieval History and the fantastic contact, support and feedback at all times from my tutor. Given my age, ‘career plans’ aren’t exactly relevant! But I do want to continue studying; I’d miss it terribly if I stopped. Who knows, I might even convert my MA to a PhD!

Carol Ballard