F. Godfrey Huddle

What our Students Say

My recently-established involvement with TSD's Distance Learning programme is the latest part of my life-long pursuit of knowledge and self-realisation. My birth in the 1930s was followed by decades of inadequate education which I have had to redress by natural didacticism. Although there were educational opportunities, higher forms of education were simply inaccessible. College attendance was through evening classes and day-release from an apprenticeship. When raising my family and pursuing my career, absent education was sought wherever it could be found.

Although my intellectual motivations have always been philosophy and European classical music, my professional career was in mechanical engineering until 1984 when, facing yet further retrenchment of the UK's manufacturing base I decided to resign my well-established and senior position in charge of design, development and production of the company's products, and to purchase an art and craft retailing business in Suffolk.

To anyone thinking of applying for a place on any TSD course I would say apply, even if you appear not to satisfy the application criteria. I seemed not to; but, having provided evidence of my career and achievements (HNC, technical papers, seminars, higher education lecturing commissions, patents, etc.), I was accepted without a first degree.

As my course has just started, I am unable to report on academic progress, but I can say that the materials so far downloaded fully meet my expectations. Day-to-day communication takes place through three dedicated University user-friendly internet accounts, each having its own username and password. Whilst all of this and more is explained in TSD emails, I strongly recommend careful choice, recording and use of the means of access. As study materials arrive through IT, I always file and work on hard copies.

If, perchance, you are an internet tyro, as I was despite decades using Word, Excel, etc, don't be concerned about working through the internet. It is clearly part of today's world and is, in itself, educational. Furthermore, when resolving the net's initial funny ways and frustrations, I received ready help from TSD's staff.

A final comment - Wales now feels nearer to Suffolk, and although I have yet to meet any of TSD's tutors or staff, friendly telephone conversations and email exchanges since last February, have caused me to feel a welcome member of their learning community, albeit widely dispersed.