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What our Students Say

I absolutely love being a MA Cultural Astronomy & Astrology student and consider myself to be privileged to learn such a wonderful subject and also to ultimately gain a post graduate qualification here at TSD. The MA subject area was a big motivation for me and I liked the idea of being able to study and not re-locate as it particular suits my busy lifestyle. 

I am extremely passionate about studying Astrology and the Distance Learning option gives me the opportunity to pursue my favourite subject. I really appreciate meeting like minded people who are interested in the same subject area. The programme plan is very structured and organised. The fact that you can catch up on a lecture by listening to it again is particularly helpful. 

Lots of additional information are provided on Moodle and are shared along with the links to access it.   There are a lot of other resources available for students and the tutors are extremely helpful and do their best for you.  They provide good advice based on their own experiences and they try to help you avoid the pit falls.  The library staff have also been particularly helpful in helping me to find academic journals for doing my research project.

I really enjoyed Summer School and the opportunity to meet the tutors and the other students face to face. I had an absolutely brilliant experience and am so glad I attended.  If I could offer any advice to  a prospective student, it would be to manage your time and not leaving essays to the last minute!

Geraldine Heil