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On-campus, On-line, On your side

Going to university is an exciting time. It’s about learning more about a subject that you love, developing your skills, discovering new passions, making new friends and, for many, living independently. 

At UWTSD, we want to provide you with a great experience – on-campus and online – so you can make the most of your time with us and get the best possible start to your future career.

If you’re considering applying to University this year, follow the links to find out about the range of programmes that we have on offer as well as How to Apply.

Reimagining our Curriculum

Coronavirus has changed the way we all live, work and study. Some of those changes will have a far-reaching and permanent impact on our society.  Working from home, for example, will become more common for many employees. 

At UWTSD we have reflected upon national employment trends. In future, graduates may have a dozen or more careers and new and emerging technologies will have a significant impact on the workplace. Our graduates need to be able to contribute and support such developments.   

We have launched new modules across our undergraduate portfolio to reflect the needs of employers and graduates, particularly in a post COVID world.  The development of the provision offers a transformative university experience for students which prepares you for a journey of life-long learning and enables you to evidence key skills and competencies for your future employment.

The aim of the new modules, which will be delivered online, is to focus on the attributes of Employability, Digital Skills and Learning for Life. The modules ensure that UWTSD graduates are prepared for a digitally enabled workplace environment that will also see an increased demand for creativity, innovation and resilience.  

Clearly Coronavirus has impacted the way we are currently operating. 

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our community and we have planned our programmes and support services around 5 key principles: 

  • Study
  • Social
  • Support
  • Safety
  • Success