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Operation CLIC Europe is a research and innovation application to the work programme: Disaster resilience and climate change, call reference H2020-DRS-9-2014. The call aims to transform the EU into a more globally active player in climate change (CC) adaptation and initiate coherent action across Europe.

The need for Operation CLIC Europe is shown by the importance of the coastal zone and its vulnerability and risk from CC impacts. Approximately 50% of Europe’s population live within 50km of the shoreline, and the coastal zone itself supports numerous key industries and activities. This includes high levels (€500-1000 bn) of infrastructural assets which are located within 0.5km of Europe’s coast.

The project will empower stakeholders / sectors with spatially and temporally scalable climate change visualisation, assessment and planning tools to foster proactive planning and informed decision-making throughout the EU’s coastal and marine territories, incorporating current research on science-based assessment and adaptation methodologies with state-of-the-art tools to visualise social and economic impact valuation. Metrics linked to EU initiatives and cross border issues on adaptation planning will result in a framework for a European Adaptation Planning System.

To address the aims of the call, the project will evaluate CC impacts, vulnerabilities, policies and risks to identify and assess the performance of adaptation measures. Assessing tools for cross-sectoral vulnerability and risk assessments, considering long-term climate change and extreme events for Europe, will provide a standard methodology addressing economic, social and environmental consequences resulting from planned adaptation measures. Active engagement/participation of stakeholders will yield state-of-the-art pan-European decision support tools and solutions for end-users to inform CC adaptation plans and implementation across Europe.

Research and Innovation Actions Innovation Actions
Title of Proposal: Operational Plans and Tools for Climate Change Adaptation in EUROPE – OPERATION CLIC EUROPE
Participant No Participant organisation name* Participant Short name Country
1 (Coordinator) University of Wales: Trinity Saint David UWTSD UK
2 University of Bremen - artec/MARUM/FEU UniHB Germany
3 ICETA - CIBIO-University of the Azores ICETA Portugal
4 Cardiff University CU UK
5 University of Ulster UU UK
6 University College Cork  NUIC Ireland
7 Desenvolvimento, Divulgação e Design Digital, Lda  DDDD Portugal
8 Centro de Estudos e Desenvolvimento Regional e Urbano, Lda CEDRU Portugal
9 Universidad Pablo de Olavide UPO Spain
10 National Institute for Marine Geology and Geo-ecology, Romania GeoEcoMar Romania
11 University of Porto   UPorto-FEUP Portugal
12 SIGMA Consultants  SIGMA Greece
13 University of Thessaly   UTH Greece
14 Simbiotica  Simbiotica Spain
15 University of La Rochelle LIENSs France
16 University of Delaware   UD USA
17 Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay TLSB UK
*Industry Partners shown in italics

If the proposal is successful, a Project Advisory Board (PAB) comprising senior scientists and policymakers will be established to monitor through meetings and reports the scientific quality and relevance of Operation CLIC Europe’s outcomes. The PAB will normally meet once a year usually combined with project meetings or workshops. Below is the list of people who have agreed to be members of the PAB.

Name: Jane Davidson
Reason: Former Welsh Government Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing.
Invited: Yes
Agreed: Yes

Name: Dr Susanne Moser
Reason: Dr Susanne Moser, Director and Principal Researcher of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting in Santa Cruz, California; Social Science Research Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University and a Research Associate at the University of California-Santa Cruz, Institute for Marine Sciences
Invited: Yes
Agreed: Yes

Name: Dr Rolph Payet
Reason: Minister for Environment and Energy in the Seychelles, and  an IPCC Lead Author and Nobel Lauréate
Invited: Yes
Agreed: Yes

Name: Dr Luis Valdes
Reason: Head of Ocean Science at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)
Invited: Yes
Agreed: Yes