Outreach Development Centres

Outreach Lecturers

We are committed to making higher education opportunities available to all those who have the ability and desire to study a university course.

For many, being able to take that opportunity depends on its location being very close to home.  Enrolling onto our range of distance learning and online programmes may be an option for some students; for others the experience of working alongside fellow students within the community, whilst avoiding time consuming travel to study, may be central to the first step on the higher education journey.

The University has responded to the needs of those students by extending our programmes to a range of outreach centres by working in partnership with community-focussed organisations such as the YMCA.  By utilising the premises of such organisations we are able to offer equivalent learning opportunities to those available at our main campuses.

We ensure that the programme of study, the method of academic teaching delivery, student support and the administration of the programme is similar to the campus based alternative, albeit customised to the needs of our community-based student.  In addition, the facilities offered at our main campuses are also available to all students should they wish to take advantage of them.

Certificate of Higher Education: Skills for the Workplace

Skills in the Workplace lecture

One of our most popular community-based programmes is the Certificate of Higher Education: Skills for the Workplace.

It was launched in 2012 as a flexible programme to enable students to balance their work and family commitments, while also being able to study for a university qualification.

The programme provides students with the tools to transfer their personal skills and experience into the working environment. It develops their confidence to anticipate problems and find solutions, to work independently and with other people at all levels within the workplace.

Successful completion of the certificate programme can assist career progression and lead onto the degree programme: ‘Leadership and Management Skills for the Workplace’.

The University has identified demand for the programme within a range of communities and locations and has established Outreach Development Centres to deliver the programme with our community-based partners.