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Parents’ and Guardians’ Guide

We understand that you want the best for your child and would like to support them in any way that you can as they choose their next steps within their education.  

Whether you are familiar with the University application process or completely new to it, the information on these pages can guide you as you support your loved ones through this exciting and important journey in their life.

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Advice from parents and students

“It is important that your child does as much of the application process independently so that they build confidence and are a central part of their decisions for their own future. What’s important is that you, as a parent, are there along the way and are supportive during important decision to ensure that your child is ready for the next step.”

Parent of Chloe - BA Primary Education with QTS

“I remember offering support to my children with their applications - this was my contribution as a parent. It was important to me that they chose their course and university independently and my role was to encourage them to attend open days and help with the application form where I could.”

Parent of Siobhán - BA Primary Education with QTS