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“This amazing leap in the league table is testament to the hard work and determination of UWTSD to improve its own sustainability levels. After doing environmental work within the university and Students Union for the past three years, I am both delighted and proud that the hard work and persistence of staff and students has started to show. The environmental work we have completed this year is just the beginning of what UWTSD has to come. The work we have done is crucial to the development of the university, both for existing students as well as any future students. Furthermore, it is important for students across the university because it is the first step in ensuring that staff and students take what they have learnt through the UWTSD's sustainability work and hopefully apply it to their own future careers and lives.

“As the Environmental and Sustainability officer and Inspire Green Impact Intern for the Lampeter Campus, I'd like to say thank you to every member of staff, the student body and locals who have given their time to helping the University improve their sustainability. Without you none of this would have been possible.”

"I first came to UWTSD in 2010 to study Environmental Conservation. I've always been passionate about the environment ever since my parents decided to raise me as some sort of semi-feral nature child, and so UWTSD always felt like a good fit for me; first with my course, but then when I discovered that INSPIRE offer an internship to help the Students Union become more sustainable, I think stars appeared in my eyes. Since getting the internship I've become involved in INSPIRE's work to make the university more sustainable across the board, and it's been an incredible experience. Very few organisations would put as much effort into their environmental legacy as UWTSD does; but then, very few have dedicated directorates like INSPIRE for that very purpose. The work doesn't just stop at ensuring the university uses more sustainable resources and turns the lights off regularly - INSPIRE seeks to embed sustainability right into the education of all students, so that they leave us with a more environmentally-conscious attitude and an understanding that 'sustainable' is not a synonym for 'tree-hugging.

“The news that we are now 1st in Wales and 8th in the UK in People and Planet's Green League is, therefore, beautiful music to my tree-hugging ears, since in addition to being further evidence that I very much chose the right university, it's an indescribable feeling to be part of something that I believe in so strongly and can see getting results. But, more importantly, it's such a wonderful result for all the students of UWTSD; because it means that INSPIRE is working. In a world in which employers in all disciplines increasingly want recruits with knowledge of sustainability in their chosen fields, it is becoming vital that graduates should leave here with a good understanding of relevant sustainability and environmental issues, and our new position in the League suggests that we're increasingly managing just that. You don't even need to be a semi-feral nature child to appreciate that achievement."

"Through our flagship initiative, the Institute of Sustainable Practice and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE), we aim to ensure that our graduates are fit for the future and that their professional practice is sustainable for generations to come."

  • "Sustainability needs to be at the heart of how we do business. We cannot continue to use more resources than our one planet can support."
  • "Making our Green League performance one of the four key performance indicators to measure our annual sustainability performance in UWTSD has enabled us to take a systemic approach involving all faculties and support units in the outcome."
  • "Acting more sustainably is about recognising the impacts of today's actions on future generations and protecting and enhancing the natural environment. It is about making sure that the young people of today are better educated to face the challenges of tomorrow."
  • "If we want the learners of the future to have particular attributes such as being active citizens – able to appreciate the importance of  environmental, social and political contexts to their studies – and creative problem solvers – able to think creatively, holistically, and systemically and make critical judgements on issues – then we have to change the way we teach and the outcomes we expect."
  • "As educators of the next generation’s leaders, we need to ‘future-proof’ what we do to create discerning, responsible, creative problem solvers. Taking the necessary steps to embed sustainability at the heart of a university in a country with a similar commitment will, we hope, create new and exciting opportunities in Wales to tackle imaginatively unsustainable practices and ultimately lead to a more promising and secure future within a more socially just, healthy, prosperous and bio-diverse world"