PG Dip Greek and Latin

Greek and Latin (Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma) provide a self-contained period of structured but challenging study for anyone who wishes to pursue their interest in both the Greek and Latin languages. 

This programme focuses exclusively on the acquisition and/or development of the Ancient Greek and Latin languages. Our language teaching system is split into different levels, allowing students to study each language from beginner level right up to advanced.  

Each year two texts/authors are chosen for each language; one text is prose, the other is verse.  The texts and authors change each year and you will have the opportunity to read both canonical and non-canonical authors.

Examples of works studied in the past few years are:

  • In Latin - Petronius, Columella, Ovid, Claudian and Statius 
  • In Greek - The Homeric Hymns, Plato, Diodirus, Sophocles and Euripides