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Portalis is a cross-border, transdisciplinary pilot project that explores the earliest connection between Ireland and Wales.

Portalis will map the story of the first human journey between Ireland and Wales, dating back to the Mesolithic period, in the context of contemporary resilience and climate adaptation for both local coastal communities and their visitors. This will be achieved through a series of archaeological excavations and by consolidating existing evidence to develop a powerful new cross-border narrative, accessible within a new visitor experience at Waterford Museum of Treasures, Ireland, and Ceredigion Museum, Wales.

The €1.95 million project aims to raise awareness and support community and business engagement, establishing two new experiential tourism and cultural networks in Ireland and Wales.

Portalis is supported by €1.5m from the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Cooperation Programme. The 20 month project is led by Waterford Institute of Technology, supported by UWTSD, Ceredigion County Council, and Waterford Chamber of Commerce.

Website: http://portalisproject.eu

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