Archie Watt

Archie Watt case study

Archie Watt is a PhD student who joined UWTSD as an undergraduate to study Computer Networks, now he's completing his PhD investigating the use of AI technology in the monitoring and analysis of our coastline .

When did you first come to Swansea? 

I'm from Powys originally but came to Swansea in 2011 to study a BSc in Computer Networks and graduated in 2014.  I came here for the course and the location. There is also the Cisco CCNA qualification that you can gain as well as your degree. It’s an industry-recognised professional qualification that improves your employment prospects, so that appealed to me."

Why did you choose UWTSD for your your PhD?  

"I decided to stay at UWTSD as the staff here are very supportive and encouraged me to do a research degree. Having had a great experience during my BSc I didn’t want to go anywhere else. Studying at UWTSD prepares you well for a research career, and my work has practical applications locally with particularly with the proposed Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay."

What are you researching for your PhD thesis?  

It's about the combination of wireless sensor networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and predict coastal processes.  I'm supervised by Dr Carlene Campbell, Associate Professor Stephen Hole, Professor Ian Wells and Professor Mike Phillips. Their expertise and support has been a huge benefit to my work. 

Have there been other opportunities for you at UWTSD? 

“I went to Google’s Webmaster Forum as I had some questions of my own.  Whilst I was waiting for my questions to be answered I saw some others that I could answer myself, and following that I gradually started participating in the forum on a regular basis. This led to Google flying me over to the US to get a chance to learn more about what goes on at their HQ at their top contributor summit in California." 

Do you have any teaching responsibilities? 

"As a doctoral student, I'm not obliged to give lectures, but there have been opportunities to do so. PhD students in the school also have access to own own research office which means we can be around other researchers working in similar areas." 

What would you say to other graduated considering UWTSD for their postgraduate study?

“I would say come to UWTSD because of the location, the very supportive staff and the wide base of expertise which opens up opportunities in interdisciplinary research.  You don’t have to stick to one area and then try and figure out how it might fit with another afterwards, but rather you are able to have an understanding of how different disciplines link together at the beginning of your research, which also prepares you well for a research career.”