Keira Gwynn

keria Gwynn MA Product design

Swansea College of Art graduate Keira joined UWTSD on the BA Product Design course. Now, in conjunction with her MA Product Design programme she's living in Denmark and completing an internship with R82.

Keira's final year project opened doors for her after displaying her work at the National Maritime Museum in Swansea and New Designers showcase in London.  R82 a company that specialises in high quality aids for children and teenagers with special needs liked what they saw and encouraged Keira to undertake further study.  

“I cannot believe I’m actually here, developing my idea in to product reality. The programme gave me opportunities to find myself and explore my potential, culminating in me gaining an internship with R82, a company based in Denmark, who design high quality aids for children and teenagers with special needs. They were interested in taking my undergraduate project further, which resulted in me undertaking further research during my master’s degree to demonstrate a definite need and consolidate the design features.

The past two years have been like a whirlwind, with trepidation and excitement, and now I’m pushing the project to manufacture for a global launch. Product Design is one of those disciplines where you can visualise and create your imagination; there is no better feeling than seeing your outcome putting a smile of someone’s face.

Now about my internship, everyone is really nice although the language barrier can be a little difficult at times. I’m the only female in R&D and about 15 years younger than anyone else, so naturally I’ve become the guinea pig to try out the new products, which is actually quite fun.

At the first big project meeting with everyone, I got put in charge, basically running the team; it’s terrifying to say the least! But I’m very excited to get things rolling, and I’ve already learnt a lot since being here. In conjunction with my core project, I’ve been working on developing another new product, which is exciting. I pitched my idea to the Head of R&D and he really liked it, telling me to come back with a prototype as soon as possible! My tutors all mentioned project multi-tasking, now it’s actually happening!”

In short, I’m really enjoying the work, I can already feel my confidence growing. I never thought in a million years I would be in a different country and have a team of people working on a product of mine, pretty awesome!

So I just want to say a massive thank you to the design staff at UWTSD for all their help in making this happen for me!"

The MA Product Design follows an innovative structure that gives students from all disciplines the freedom to interact and experiment with different mediums.  Click here to find out morea about the programme.