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Mandarin: Language and Chinese Studies Summer School 25 July - 8 August 2022

This Level 4 Mandarin course will get you talking in Chinese within a few sessions, typing in Chinese and reading Chinese characters in a few more, and learning the secrets of Chinese handwriting by the end of the course. 

Perfect for any Year 11 or Year 12 students who want to learn some basic Chinese and have a distinctive academic experience to put on their Personal Statement. 

Delivery and Start Date

This is an intensive two-week online course with 2.5 hours of Chinese language classes every morning and a one-hour lecture on a wide range of Chinese Studies topics every afternoon.  Students are expected to complete their thirty-minute homework assignments every evening.


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Why should I learn Chinese?

  1. Let’s set down some challenges. Maybe you should learn Chinese because you’re bright and Chinese will challenge everything you think you know about languages, about how people think and communicate.
  2. Or maybe because you’re a good code breaker and want to solve the puzzle of how Chinese characters have evolved from pictographs into complex combinations of symbols and sounds. Or maybe nothing so complicated.
  3. You might just want to learn a new language that will stay with you for the rest of your life, leading to new friends, new opportunities, possibly an exciting career that takes you halfway across the world. 

What you will learn

Course Overview

The course will earn you 10 Credits at Level 4.

As well as getting you talking, reading, and writing in Chinese, the Chinese culture topics of this course will introduce you to a fascinating world.

Find out about the art Feng Shui, or how to make sure the energy of your living space is aligned correctly; learn about traditional Chinese medicine, the meaning of yin and yang and how the body is made up of channels and acupuncture points that have been used by Chinese health practitioners for millennia; discover how the traditions of ancient China punctuate the vibrant society of China today and how Confucius continues to be an abiding influence on family, work and society. 

Language topics: Greetings, family and friends, hobbies, birthdays and festivals; introduction to pinyin – alphabetic transcription of Chinese characters; code-breaking Chinese characters: introduction to reading and writing Chinese characters

Upon completion of registration students will have a UWTSD account giving access to:

  • University email account
  • IT Service Desk support
  • Library and online learning services
Module Topics
  • Fengshui: the art of designing your home
  • TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Confucianism and filial piety
  • Poetry of the Tang Dynasty
  • Chinese legends
  • Chinese Festivals
  • Peking Opera
  • Presentation: 10 minutes, in the medium of English or Welsh on a Chinese culture topic.
  • Oral test: Short self-introduction in Chinese
  • Reading a Chinese text followed by questions 
  • Written test using 40 Chinese characters

Key Information

Additional Costs

There is no additional cost for this course.

Student Quotes

“I was so impressed by how interactive the course was, so this aspect of the language was very good. I also enjoyed the cross-curricular links (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine linking with Science) and opportunity for further research with culture topics.”   

“Overall a truly fantastic course and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their perspective and learn things critically and reflectively! A really interesting and potentially useful new skill to use and a perfect refresher from the ‘colonised, canalised’ one-dimensional way of learning many are used to.” 

“The help and support from the tutors has been amazing and every single one of the staff have been so supportive and approachable. The Tutors have prepared us for the tests very well and are evidently so good at what they do. The amount I have learned these last 2 weeks has been amazing!”