Print, Copy and Scan

For Students and Staff these services are available across all University Learning Resource Centres as well as specific computer rooms. UWTSD uses Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) which all have print, copy and scan functions available in full colour or black and white.

Information Technoligy & Systems publish a range of online and print information guides for students including guidance on using the print, copy and scan service.

Using the service

To use the service you will need your Student ID Card or your University username and password and credit in your print/copy/scan account.

An item can be sent to print from any PC on the network and is stored in your personal queue for up to 3 days. You can then release it for printing from any MFD once you have logged in.

To print, select the printer called: Print_Argraffu – The default setting is set to duplex printing and black/white however you can change this in the printer properties.

The MFD default settings are to print duplex (double sided) and black and white. To print in colour or single sided you will need to change the default settings.

The MFD will charge accordingly for a mixture of colour pages and black and white items. Please note that URLs in a document will print in colour if sent to the colour MFD.

Balances will be shown on the Uniflow client which runs when a student is logged onto the network PCs or you can see your print credit when you log into any MFD.

The MFD default settings are to copy duplex (double sided) and to copy as black and white.

These settings can be changed on the MFD.

Further details of how to copy are available in the PDF Guide .

Items can be scanned within copyright restrictions. Scanned items are sent to an email address of your choice.

Further details of how to copy are available in the PDF Guide .

Student MFDs are located in the following locations

  • Carmarthen Library -
    • 1 x Colour (A3 and A4)
    • 1 x B/W MFD (A3 and A4)
  • Carmarthen - Cwad
    • 1 x Colour MFD (A3 and A4)
  • Carmarthen - Dewi Building Ground Floor
    • 1 x Colour MFD (A3 and A4)
  • Lampeter Library
    • 1 x Colour and 1 x B/W MFD (both A3 and A4)
  • Lampeter - Red Lab
    • 1 x Colour MFD (A4)
  • London - IT Lab
    • 1 x Colour MFD (A3 and A4)
  • Mount Pleasant - Thompson Computer Suite
    • 2 x Colour MFD (A3 & A4)
  • Mount Pleasant - Library IT Suite
  • Townhill - Library IT Suite
  • Swansea Business Campus - Library IT Suite
  • Dynevor - Library IT Suite

Students are currently charged for Printing. Details of costs are below:

Single Sided

  • Black and White
    • A5 - 3p
    • A4 - 5p
    • A3 - 10p
  • Colour
    • A5 - 11p
    • A4 - 18p
    • A3 - 34p

Double Sided

  • Black and White
    • A5 - 2p
    • A4 - 6p
    • A3 - 16p
  • Colour
    • A5 - 18p
    • A4 - 32p
    • A3 - 64p

You can add credit to your account via the following locations:

  • Carmarthen Shop
  • Carmarthen Library issue desk
  • Carmarthen - Dewi Reception Payment Kiosk Machine
  • Lampeter Library issue desk
  • Lampeter Library Payment Kiosk Machine
  • London – Payment Kiosk Machine
  • London – Main reception
  • Thompson Computer Suite - Payment Kiosk Machine
  • Mount Pleasant LIbrary Desk & Payment Kiosk Machine
  • Dynevor Library Desk
  • Townhill Library Desk & Payment Kiosk Machine
  • Alex Road Payment Kiosk Machine
  • Swansea Business Campus Library Desk & Payment Kiosk Machine

The payment kiosks accept notes and most coins but cannot give change. Be aware that you cannot log into an MFD and a payment kiosk at the same time. Instructions for adding credit via the Payment Kiosk machine are available in this PDF Guide.

B/W MFD Copying/Printing/Scanning Full Guide

Colour MFD Copying/Printing/Scanning Full Guide


Please note that copyright law applies to both photocopying and scanning from print material.  Please check the copyright notice next to the MFD or ask LRC staff for further information

Refund Criteria

Refund requests will only be considered for students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • The students print credit balance must be equal to or greater than £10. If the student print credit is below this amount the refund will not be approved.
  • Refund requests will only be considered for students that are in their final year of study or who have completed their course.
  • Refund requests will only be considered between 1st July – 31st August each year.
  • Students requesting a refund must not have any financial blocks against their UWTSD student account.
  • Students can only make one refund request per academic year.

Refund Process

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can request a refund by following the below steps:

  • Create an IT Service Desk ticket
    •  Visit:
    • Select the request type “User Computing Environment” followed by “Print Credit Refund Request”.
  • The following information must be included when the ticket is created;
    • Name of Course Completed
    • Contact Telephone Number
    • Bank Account Sort Code
    • Bank Account Number
  • IT Service desk will confirm the print balance and attach a balance report to the IT Service Desk Ticket.
  • IT Service Desk will then deduct the requested refund amount from your print credit balance.
  • Confirmation will be emailed to both the student and who will automatically process the approved request.
  • The student is responsible to liaise directly with Finance to confirm when their refund will be processed.
  • The University reserves the right to refuse any refund request.

 Find your campus Finance Office and their opening times.