Printer Upgrade

Printer Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that UWTSD has appointed Canon as the new supplier for our managed print solution for the University and are looking forward to working in partnership with Canon on the up and coming project.

We have reviewed the use of print, copy & scan devices and will be launching the new fleet from the 7th August. The new devices will allow the University to enhance our environmental performance whilst making substantial cost savings.

What benefits the new Managed Print Service will bring:

  • Increased security ensuring confidentiality
  • One single print queue, access your print job from any device in any location
  • Convenient and efficient scanning process
  • Enhanced Copying features
  • Generic user interface
  • Mobile device printing capabilities
  • Automated consumable ordering


Printer Upgrade Schedule

Working in partnership with Canon and using their latest technologies and software, the new Managed Print Service is designed to improve efficiencies across the business, achieving substantial cost savings alongside environmental benefits whilst streamlining our day to day business processes.

What is changing?

The current fleet of printers will be consolidated and replaced with a fleet of Canon multifunctional devices.  We will be adopting a new Secure Print Anywhere system as part of Canon’s Managed Print Solution allowing users to access any device at any location in a secure, controlled way.

Print by Email

There is an option to print to the new Canon devices by email. You can submit your prints by attaching your document to an email and sending this to:

These jobs can then be released on the MFD by using your swipe cards.

Print by email supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt

When are the changes happening?

Our new Canon Multifunctional Printers will be arriving between August 7th & August 25th.

As each location is moved across to the new print service these locations will have limited print facilities whilst the new devices are installed and the legacy devices are removed. For more information please see the UWTSD Canon Printer Upgrade Schedule.

How will it effect me?

You will have access to Canon’s new innovative devices that have the ability to Print, Scan and Copy.

The new print queue name is Print_Argraffu. You will need to reboot your device to pick up the new print queue.

If your local MFD hasn’t been replaced with a new Canon device yet, please continue to print to the Konica print queues which are;

Swansea Campuses: Staff_PrintQ

Carmarthen, Lampeter, London, Cardiff Campuses: Konica_Lliw_Colour & Konica_DG_BW

The new Secure Print Anywhere solution will allow you to print using a single print driver, giving an easy and consistent print interface, allowing you to retrieve your print job at any location using your ID card.

Default settings will be set as black and white ensuring that colour is only used where colour is needed and double sided will be set as standard both helping cut costs whilst ensuring a large environmental impact by saving on paper.

Mac Users

Until a member of the IT Service Desk can come round and install the print queue we recommend that Mac users take advantage of the print by email function.

What will happen to legacy devices?

The legacy devices will be removed as the new devices are installed across the campuses.

Where will the new Canon device be located?

You can see a list of all locations and when they will be installed on our UWTSD Canon Printer Upgrade Schedule

Who do I contact for further information?

Should you feel any institutional activities will be affected by this change or feel any issues have been overlooked please contact the IT Service Desk by raising a ticket at or call 0300 500 5055 (Extension 5055).

Known Issues

We are currently experiencing the following technical issues whilst deploying the MFDs. Please be aware of the following whilst IT&S work with Canon to resolve the following;

Print from USB

Print by USB is not currently turned on within the devices – UWTSD are awaiting Canon to implement this feature.

Locations of new devices

There have been reports where the MFDs will not fit in the existing space where the previous MFD was situated. The devices are being located as close to the original location as possible.

Users email address encrypted

We are aware that when logging into devices that users email addresses show as an encrypted address. This does not impact the email service and is there as part of the secure print service on the canon devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view a range of online video guides by visiting our MFD - How to Guides SharePoint Site.

Alternatively, you can view a range of frequently asked questions relating to the Printer Upgrade project below: