The brand new environment will enhance teaching and learning and support the extracurricular race teams!

Tim Tudor is the programme director for BEng/MEng Motorsport Engineering and says:

“The new SA1 Engineering facility is an exciting prospect for both students and staff. The brand new environment will enhance teaching and learning and support the extracurricular race teams! The purpose built race engineering lab supported by the brand new dedicated rolling road and engine dynamometer will be a fantastic and will allow development of existing and future powertrains. The damper dynamometer and driver in the loop simulator facilities will also really help the teams develop both the cars and their team operations, with the new composites and manufacturing centres helping to bring designs to final products. We can’t wait!”

Andrew Noble is a second-year student on the BEng Motorsport Engineering programme and also the team manager for the University race team, Team MCR. Andrew says:

"The new facilities that will be available to us in the new SA1 facility should make not just a huge difference to those involved in the race teams, but also to all students studying with UWTSD's Engineering department. The purpose built dynamo-meter facilities and dedicated composites areas will be extremely beneficial to the university race projects, allowing us to take projects swiftly from concept through development to completion, which will be key to the race teams in staying ahead of the competitiveness curve. From an academic perspective, the layout and purpose built nature of the facilities should create a productive workflow that can only be beneficial to the outcomes of our degrees.”

Owen Williams is the programme director for BEng/MEng Motorcycle Engineering and says:

“The move to the new technical facility for the motorcycle engineering programmes is a huge opportunity for us. We will be having a new chassis dynamometer and a dedicated engine test bed being installed, as well as new workshop facilities and state of the art teaching facilities. It is a really exciting time for motorcycle engineering since the introduction of new emission regulations for 2020 could potentially change the entire powertrain for all new motorcycles and will lead to the introduction of a range of new and exciting technologies. The opportunities provided by these new facilities will allow us to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of motorcycle powertrain development and vehicle dynamics.  Our involvement with motorcycle competition at the highest level continues, with more of our graduates securing positions in both the Moto2 and MotoGP paddocks as well as a range of roles in the domestic championships.”