Conflict in Burma

Temples as backdrops to war in Burma

MORE, Joseph. Rangoon Scenery (London, 1825)


This volume of hand-coloured aquatints records the Anglo-Burmese war of 1824 to 1826. Following Burmese incursions into British held territory in 1821-1823 (including the successful invasion of Assam), the Governor-General, Lord Amherst, declared war on Burma on February 24, 1824. The British were successful in expelling the Burmese from Assam, but Bandula, the ablest of the Burmese generals, repelled a British detachment at Ramu on the Chittagong frontier.

In reply, the British sent an expedition of 11,000 men under Major-General Archibald Campbell and ships under Captain Frederick Marryat to attack Rangoon by sea. The expedition resulted in the capture of Rangoon on May 11, 1824.

In Rangoon Scenery Lieutenant Joseph More of the 89th Regiment records the early part of the conflict, begining with the departure of Campbell's invasion force and concluding in July 1824. He depicts battle scenes and fine views of countryside and buildings in and around Rangoon.