Delineation with fidelity

“... delineation with fidelity of the various modes of dress and peculiarity of customs ...”

DALVIMART, Octavien. The costume of Turkey (London, 1802)

Provenance:Thomas Phillips, 1846


The Costume of Turkey was one of a series of six costume books published by William Miller over a four-year period. Each hand-coloured plate, drawn from life in 1798 by Octavien d’Alvimart and stipple-engraved by John Dadley and William Poole, is accompanied by an explanation of the figure’s role, responsibility and details of dress, written by Miller (often misattributed to William Alexander) and based on various sources including d'Ohsson, Dallaway, Tott, etc.

“The drawings, from which these plates have been engraved, were made on the spot… and may be depended upon for their correctness. They have been most accurately attended to in the progress of the engraving; and each impression has been carefully colored according to the original drawing, that the fidelity of them might not be impaired.” The book was an enormous commercial success. Shown here is a bride in her wedding dress.