India and the Old Testament

India’s ‘history’ used to corroborate the ‘history’ set out in the Old Testament

MAURICE, Thomas. The History of Hindostan ( London, 1820)

Provenance: Thomas Phillips, 1842


Thomas Maurice was an oriental scholar and librarian, whose work, The History of Hindostan, is a syncretistic project aimed at defending the historicity of the Bible using Hindu mythological sources. Among the many varied and imaginative illustrations that Maurice provides in his ‘history’ are mythological scenes depicting the descent of the Hindu god Vishnu to the earth, incarnated at different times as fish, boar, man-lion, and man, in order to rescue the earth from the forces of disharmony and chaos that threaten to destroy it. Maurice makes little or no distinction between mythology and history, and he is concerned only to present that version of India’s ‘history’ which best corroborates the ‘history’ set out in the Old Testament.

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