The principle source of eighteenth century turqueries

LE HAY, Jacques. Recueil de cent estampes representant differentes nations du Levant (Paris,1714)

Provenance: Thomas Phillips, 1846

le hay imam

Many of the images produced by Picart for his illustrations of Islam were based on the collection of one hundred engravings of paintings by the Flemish painter Jean-Baptiste Vanmour. Originally commissioned in 1707 by the Marquis Charles de Ferriol, ambassador to the Ottoman Turks from 1699 to 1710, when the paintings were complete, Ferriol helped le Hay to publish engravings of the pictures. Le Hay's work was an instant success and the plates quickly became the principal source of turqueries for artists and publishers throughout Europe. In recognition of van Mour's talents, he was granted the unique post of 'Peintre ordinaire du Roi en Levant' in 1725.